How to protect your network from the access side ?

How to protect your network from the access side ?
You will need:
  • network wifi
  • computer mouse
# 1

Many users, installing a wireless network at home, so excited about this, just forget about network security.Turn on your network setup and use, as shown, and if installers do not take care of security, some crafty neighbor can take advantage of an open access point.What it can do much harm?Yes, the fact that, if it is to pump huge gigabytes of data, such a welcome and long-awaited wireless network, it will be very slow, it is not convenient to use.But How to protect your network?

# 2

To any hacker, even a beginner, do not use the network or, even worse, I have not changed the password to your need to protect your network.The easiest way to protect your network - this encryption.In today's wifi routers exist WEP encryption or WPA2 function, and if you go to the browser, enter the address of the router, which is specified in the manual, mark the desired encryption function and come up with a complex password.But there is a very simple

and funny ways, but it seems they operate: Unscrew the antenna from the router, and if not, then just cover large and thick pan, or use a program taken from the boarding.It so happens that the password on the wifi network is forgotten, and remains only to learn how to hack wifi network.

# 3

There is a program such as Firesheep, which can break not only the personal grid, but also a neighbor, as well as page vkontakte or classmates.But it is better to remember that the network hacking - it is illegal to use this program and, in extreme cases, and for themselves.More to this program will need browser Firefox, is plug and two small tulzy WinPcap program.All this will help to crack the network of personal use.Also it is necessary to know the network ip.But how to find out ip network.

# 4

Each computer has a digital room - ip - address to which they see on the web to learn it, you can use Windows tools by running the IP protocol configuration for Windows.And then the address will be seen.The list, which has a device through which there is a network connection and line Ipv4 address - this is ip.Or use the special online services that will help to find out ip-address, just go to them and see at a glance.Sometimes there is a problem is how to transfer information from one computer to another.You can use the flash drives, disks, or send by mail, but the most reliable and fastest way is to learn how to make a network between your computers.First you need to create a network between your computers and then setup share.Crossover cable to connect the device, modern computers can automatically detect the type of cable and adjust to it.If you do not have cable, you can create a wireless Wi-Fi, settings are the same.