How to remove noise in Photoshop ?

How to remove noise in Photoshop ?
You will need:
  • Operating System Windows 7 / Windows XP
  • program Adobe Photoshop
# 1

Noises often appear in the photographs, which are removed in the evening hours or conditionspoor lighting.Colored and glowing dots significantly spoil the picture, and begin to feel that it is better simply to remove them, but AdobePhotoshop program will help improve the quality of these images and get rid of the noise.Watching how much "spoiled" picture, you can use different ways to answer the question, how to remove noise in Photoshop.The simplest of them - is the use of special options that can be found in the "Filter" menu, submenu "Noise", the line "Remove noise".To do this, the file opens in the program in the usual way, ie, by pressing Ctrl + O, the menu "Open" or simply drag and drop images from a folder in AdobePhotoshop window.

# 2

option AdobePhotoshop «Remove Noise" opens a large dialog box where you can adjust image processing settings and observe the changes taking place with him.On the

right side of the window is the number of lines adjustment."Intensity" increases or decreases the effect of other settings, line "Save details" allows you to choose the level of detail in the processing of the image, "Reduce color noise" - a basic setting to help remove noise from photos, "Details of field" increases contrast.The option "Remove artifact jpeg» removes to form when saved in jpg-format pixels.By configuring each of the lines, you can achieve significant noise reduction.However, in some cases the result is not good, it will be particularly noticeable in color photography.

# 3

order to achieve better results and to remove noise from photos, you can use the built-in filter AdobePhotoshop AdobeCameraRaw.It is available by default, but to activate it, you need a special way to open the file.To do this in the menu "File" choose not "Open" and an option "Open as".In the dialog box, noting the image you want to process in line "to open a" marked a line in the list CameraRaw.Photo will be available for processing in the additional window, where you can not only reduce noise but also to adjust the illumination of pictures, her color and contrast, and add a variety of effects, such as grain, as the shot with a film camera.To combat noise have to choose the tab "Details" of pictographic menu located on the right (the third one icon).

# 4

In this tab, as well as in the filter menu "Remove noise" are adjustment range, using which you can to reduce color noise in the picture, noise blur, reduce its luminosity.All the lines are divided into two groups: "Sharpen" and "Noise Reduction".Adjusting the lines of the first group allows you to avoid losing image clarity with noise suppression.Setting lines of the second group reduced luminosity and brightness noise dots, thereby removing them from the image.All changes can be tracked on the left, which opens the photo itself.When the noise significantly decrease as a result of the settings, you can add color or to adjust the image via the basic settings of the filter (the first menu icon) or more detailed settings of other tabs.After a complete block processing, you need to press the "Open Image" and the picture moves to the main window AdobePhotoshop.

# 5

Both methods help to reduce noise in Photoshop, significantly improving the quality of a photograph taken in poor lighting conditions or very good camera.When the level of image noise has decreased, it is possible to use some other photoshop program settings to improve color or to give any additional effect, for example, vintage.When you have finished processing, it is important not to forget about saving the resulting variant.If you want to leave and the frame so as to treatment, it is necessary in the "File" menu, select "Save As", calling the new file a different name.If you want to overwrite the image, just select the option "Save", which can be done from the keyboard Ctrl + S.Default AdobePhotoshop program will write over the previous file.