How to photograph a panorama ?

How to photograph a panorama ?
You will need:
  • Panorama shooting
  • Spherical panorama
  • Gluing Photoshop
  • 3d view
# 1

Panorama shooting.Creating a panoramic picture consists of two stages: first - the shooting of separate episodes, the second - bonding of these episodes with a special programmy.Suschestvuyut few rules photographing panorama.The first and most important thing - a tripod with the camera must be mounted vertically and the camera must be rotated horizontally.Fix the sharpness on all the frames.For this exhibit Aperture-priority.It is better to use the manual exposure mode.So it will be easier to do the same lightness of the frames.Images must be done on the floor frame overlap each other.

# 2

spherical panorama.Consider how to make a spherical panorama.Three-dimensional or 3d shooting - a 360-degree coverage of the horizon and 180 on the vertical.That is, what we have seen, if turned on one place around him.Our camera must also revolve around the point of intersection of the light beams on the sensor o

f the camera.Then, if we expand the camera will not move objects in the background.To rotate the camera using a tripod with panoramic head.

# 3

Gluing in Photoshop.To accomplish the subsequent docking of individual frames, it is necessary to know how to make a panorama in Photoshop.For this version of Photoshop, from 10, there is a function Auto-Align Layers section Edit.We build our cadres Cascade (Window-Arrandge-Caskade).Create a separate file with the size of the future panorama.We transfer the captured images to the individual layers.Select all the layers and use the command Automatic alignment layers on the Edit menu.We have considered how to glue panorama in Photoshop.

# 4

3d view.The 3-d panorama image is projected into a ball or a cube.To do this, remove several rows of frames.Pictures cover the whole space diagonally and vertically with the frame overlap of 20%.In order to understand how to make panorama 3d image should be present all around us - and over the head and under the legs.