How to find your friends on Skype : online webcam

You will need:
  • Operating System Windows 7 / Windows XP
  • program Skype
# 1

How to find your friends on Skype?Previously, one of the most popular ways of communicating on the Internet was "ICQ", but now its position won over another program - Skype.Many got skype, because it allows you to communicate, including via video conference, to assemble the entire conference with many participants, and thus, to be close to friends who live in other cities and even countries.In addition, the program has a huge number of free features, although there are paid services.For those who are just starting to use skype, there are different issues, such as how to find your friends on Skype, whether it is possible to communicate with this program without a video camera or headset if you can send with the help files, photos and music.

# 2

installing the program and registered, the user can log into your account using the login and password.At first, in his contact list, not a single person would be.By conne

cting to your account on Facebook, anyone can invite their Skype friends there.However, not all are registered in facebook.If it is not known exactly how the account is called the right person in the Skype system, you can use the search by directory.To do this, the user must enter in the menu "Contacts", the line "Add Contact" and select there "Directory Search Skype».In the left panel opens where you want to make known data - name, alleged login to Skype or email.Automatic search will return a list of users that correspond to the requested settings.

# 3

If you login to Skype user to another are well known, it is necessary to drive it in the same window and select from the list the desired person.On the right opens a chat with him, and will display "Add to Contacts."By clicking on this link with the mouse, opens the possibility to add a friend to your list of contacts.In this case, the user will alert, and he will need to confirm it, to establish a relationship.Then you can begin to chat via correspondence, video call or a normal call, send files and photos.Sometimes contacts send via Skype «Send contacts" option.In this case, the user sees in the chat window, contact name and click "Add to Contacts."By activating it, then you can act in the same way as in the previous case.

# 4

When the contact list grows, it can be hard to find in him the right person.Contacts, which corresponded or spoken by the last few days, can be found by opening the list of "last".But if the last communication was a long time ago, that Skype has provided the option "Find a Friend" in the existing user list.It is enough to enter the name - and the program will show the appropriate contacts.In order not to lose sight of the important people in your contact list, you can use the option "Add a contact to favorites."In this case, the selected users will always be at the top of the list, which will allow faster to communicate with them without using the search function and not leafing through the list.Skype is improving all the time, offering its users a more user-friendly design and optimized functions.This program is useful for both ordinary users and for conducting business negotiations, even webinars and online consultations.