How to delete a folder with the files that are not removed ?

You will need:
  • Computer
  • OS Windows
  • Utilities
  • Computer mouse
# 1

first Unlocker program - an incredibly useful tool, if the process is required to remove from a given file.It is only necessary, after installing this utility on your computer, click on the problematic folder, right-click and select Unlocker.It will offer several options, it is recommended to choose "Unlock All" and then safely delete the folder containing the files.However, if it will not work, that is, the file still can not be removed, it is best to perform a full scan of your computer for viruses.After reviewing, you can try again to deal with the file.

# 2

More by this program solved the question of how to copy a file to a folder that is already occupied by the process and does not allow anything to do about it.You just need to unlock all the processes.FileASSASSIN - The program is not so much different from Unlocker.It also stops blocking processes that do not give windsurfing deal with the file or folder objec

tionable.In addition to that the program can close the connection, you can upload the modules to deal with files and programs that create a blocking process, improve work OSes.Also, if you are interested in the question of how to encode the folder, then this program will help very much.

# 3

LockHunter - another program to eliminate unnecessary, but does not delete files and folders.Calling the main program window, the program shows, which processes are blocking the file of interest, and provide possible operations with the desired object: 1. Unlock it - the same function as the main function Unlockera that is objectionable unlock, do not need to process the file or directory.2. Delete it - simply remove unnecessary information on your computer 3. Other shares on Close Locking Process, which also unlocks the process, and Delete Locking Process From Disk, which will deal with the file from which it was unnecessary process.

# 4

And if you suddenly erased any desired file, or just need to recover something remote, then this program fits perfectly.Change Icon - the utility will help to resolve the issues: how to change the folder icon and how to reduce the size of the folder.To do this, right-click need to click on the folder and select in the list is a utility.