How to wash clothes on the marker ?

How to wash clothes on the marker ?
You will need:
  • Medical alcohol
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Pencil-stain remover
  • Acetone (
  • Soap
  • Cotton swab
# 1

Few people know that to get rid offrom the pen can be at home. Read the proven ways than to wash marker with clothes you can in this article. Do not leave a trace of the marker on your favorite blouse or pants will help ordinary rubbing alcohol. First we need to put a bit of unnecessary cloth or thick towel under the polluted place. Then you need to pour a little alcohol on the traces of the marker, and leave the thing in this way for a while. You can also soak a cotton swab in alcohol and a couple of times to make a spot on the marker. After alcohol is absorbed into the fabric, and start the chemical reaction neededlaundry with stain remover in the washing machine.

# 2

If the marker is detected on the clothes, the removal can be effected by means of washing in the machine using bleach.Many recommend adding "Vanish", which is considered the most effective of all existing bleac

hing agents.Print the marker or felt-tip pen with things can and cologne.Do not buy an expensive tool that you can buy cologne domestic production.It is necessary to wipe the stain of a marker cloth soaked in cologne, then wash clothes needed.Instead of cologne you can use nail polish remover (acetone) or hydrogen peroxide.

# 3

In some cases it is necessary to resort to buying a special pencil-stain remover.You can buy it in the usual hardware store and the online store.Removing stains by such means is considered to be very effective.It is recommended to purchase imported pencil.Try to wash stains from the marker can be and with the help of cheap soap.We must make an effort in hand-washing spoiled things.All depends on the basis of the marker substance is made.If the alcohol concentration of the marker is very high, soap can not cope with the problem.

# 4

Digestion can also help with the contaminated clothing.It should be washed off thing in a bucket or basin with aluminum powder and leave on the fire for a while.When you need to rinse the thing in warm water.Another method of painting can be items in the color marker.We must remember that to effectively remove stains from paints, markers, felt-tip pens and gel pens needed, when it detects the spot as soon as possible to apply the method of cleaning and faded thing in a basin of warm water or washing machine.The older the stain, the less the chance of rescue clothing.If the above methods do not help, the thing is not satisfied with this content, and it is a pity to throw out, the last option would be cleaned in dry cleaning.