How to keep a fur coat from a mink in summer , orange peel protects against moths burrow

How to keep a fur coat from a mink in summer , orange peel protects against moths burrow
You will need:
  • Mink fur coat
  • spacious wardrobe
# 1

Before sending a mink coat for storage in the closet is not superfluous to learn how to keep a mink coat in the summer at home?First of all, she must first make an ideal state, namely, shake the fur and dust off.Do not wipe the fur and comb it.If the coat is slightly dirty, any spot with her must be removed immediately.Do not manually delete smudge.Clean coat is best in a professional dry cleaning.

# 2

If you do it yourself, it is likely to spoil the skin, which in the future will be difficult to restore.And even if this thing is not worn very often, it is best not to carry out its cleaning at least once a year.If mink coat white color, otherwise it may turn yellow.Skilled workers cleaning bleach added during the processing of fur coats, and in the studio to easily restore any damaged or worn piece of fur.

# 3

Storage mink coat, it is desirable to carry out a large spacious closet.If the hang of it in a narrow cabinet, and next

to it on the one hand to hang More sheepskin and other leather coat, the fur coat will not be able to breathe.A natural fur, as we know, always need air, so that it always looks fresh.Do not coddle the product in a plastic bag before storing, it is desirable to use special bags of cloth, which must be made the holes for things placed in them could breathe.In extreme cases, the coat can cover a simple paper bag.

# 4

Along with mink coat in the closet is unacceptable to store various chemicals, detergents, hair sprays or cleaners.If a little bit of this chemical gets on the skin, it can cause damage.Use naphthalene to protect mink product from moth, it is not recommended, it is best for these purposes to use orange peels, leaves of geranium or tobacco.Change these defenders should be no less than four times a month.

# 5

The result of the above is that, if mink coat is not correct or not carefully stored, then over time it can lose its original luster, and the fur is matted and become rigid.After reading this article you have learned how to save a fur coat from a mink in the summer and keep it perfect look for many years.