How to remove water from the ears : no water is coming out of the ear

How to remove water from the ears : no water is coming out of the ear
You will need:
  • Trёhprotsentny hydrogen peroxide solution
  • Dry fleece or cloth
  • Boric alcohol
  • vinegar
# 1

1. Sometimes, after water treatment, whetherswimming in a pond or a simple shower, water gets into the ear.Not only does it cause discomfort in the form of noise and gurgling, this nuisance can also lead to inflammation.Therefore it is necessary as the liquid out of the ear can be removed quickly.The accumulated water in the ear can cause swelling and blockage of sulfur ear canal that will prevent it from flowing.Still more dangerous moisture in the ears after suffering otitis or other inflammatory diseases.

# 2

2. If cerumen impaction is still swollen and does not allow accumulated liquid to leave the ear, you must remove it.You will need trёhprotsentnaya hydrogen peroxide.It is necessary to drip into the ear canal, wait for some time until the solution of sulfuric weight.This process is accompanied by the release of foam and hissing for 15 minutes.Then you need to wet the ear

with a dry cloth and leave it alone.At night, it is recommended to warm up with dry heat.The procedure is to be performed within 3-5 days.However, provided that there is no pain.Otherwise you need assistance ENT.

# 3

3. One way to get rid of unpleasant sensations - jump on one leg, bending his head to the side, where the water came.This method is good for an adult.How to remove water from the ear of a young child?You can put it on the side, so that the liquid itself emerged out of the ear canal.Either wet ear with a cotton swab.If the water does not flow, it is better to consult a doctor.

# 4

4. Another method that will help to remove congestion in contact with water in the ear.To do this, raise your head up and quickly twist it from side to side, and then pull up the ear, thereby aligning the passage for better drainage of fluid.If it did not work, it is necessary to resort to traditional medicine.This will require a fleece and a solution of boric alcohol.Dropping a few drops on cotton wool boric alcohol, put it into the ear canal and provide heat.

# 5

5. You can just put in the ear canal a cotton flagellum, which will absorb the fluid and change it as wet.Also, as an option, you can drip into the ears of the alcohol solution or vinegar.Do not forget about the special drugs.In any pharmacy you can find a remedy for ear cleaning.

# 6

6. To protect the ear is better to use special devices that prevent the ingress of water when bathing.Manufacturers of various countries offer all kinds of plugs, which are easy to use and does not cause the slightest discomfort during use.These products are presented in the form of caps, plastic beads, beads made of cotton soaked with wax.And finally, the most simple way - use of swimming cap.