How to remove stains on your computer monitor ?

How to remove stains on your computer monitor ?
You will need:
  • Microfiber napkins
  • Soap
  • few crystals of potassium permanganate
  • Water
# 1

Monitors modern computers - the thing though reliable, but with a rather capricious nature.Quite same as that of window glass or mirrors: after cleaning the hastily drawn, all these objects show unpleasant divorces, which are significantly spoil the view and distort pictures.

# 2

Oddly enough, specially designed for the purification of liquid surfaces, can aggravate the situation, and all because the main role in the fight against divorce does not belong to the cleaning liquid and the cleaning implement - rag.Quality lint-free microfiber perfectly suitable for the resolution of the puzzle, how to remove stains after washing.

# 3

Curiously, and traditional monitors ray tube and liquid crystal colleagues can look great and without the use of special cleaning fluids.Common home remedies: baby soap, water and a cloth-free cloth, preferably microfibre, perfectly cope with the task of bringing

the screen in perfect condition.However, the careful implementation of required actions on accurate strict algorithm, the first step of which is mandatory shutdown monitor all technical fellow, and directly from the network.Otherwise, the problem is how to wash without stains fade against the background of a headache for the elimination of unpleasant consequences.

# 4

So, after all the tricks for security guarantees have already been implemented, it is necessary to stock up just four cloth napkins or of a suitable material, literally 50 g of warm water and a piece of children's soap.Then a cloth soaked in water and wrung until no drops, moisten the entire monitor screen, starting with the top.Next gently moistened cloth and a little soap to lather child, then repeat the previous path.After the soap is removed third cloth layer, which has also been pre-moistened and wrung out.The final step is to wipe the screen of the last absolutely dry cloth.

# 5

Interestingly, following this technology, it is easy to understand, how to wash windows without streaks.Instead, you can use baby soap foam shavings economic or lightly tinted crystal of potassium permanganate water.The cleaning composition for windows can be purchased in the store, while folk remedies to cope with the cleaning task just perfectly.Unusual way to wash windows with water dissolved in a liter of crushed chalk in the amount of two tablespoons, which can be replaced with salt or vinegar.Window panes can be cleaned even in dishwashing soap, however, is to abandon powders: any abrasive, including undissolved salt crystals can scratch the surface.

# 6

In general, as is the case with washing monitors, the task is to get rid of the divorce, decides to last, the final stage.The surface of the glass should be wiped with a dry lint-free cloth;for this purpose will go and more familiar to the older generation of the newspaper, or adapted to the needs of young people in small rubber scrapers shvabrochkah for cleaning windows.

# 7

competent selection of tools for cleaning becomes a guarantee that after the cleanup monitor again blossom full palette of colors, not shaded with dust, window glass crystal gloss shine, and no traces of bad weather and rain.Proper cleaning does not take much time.It allows you to admire the beauty of both real and virtual world, not interfering in the form of discouraging divorce.