How to prepare a sterile solution furatsilina ?

How to prepare a sterile solution furatsilina ?
You will need:
  • Tablets furatsilina
  • Distilled water
  • capacity
  • Gauze
  • alcohol
# 1

Furatsilin used for the treatment and prophylaxis of purulent and inflammatory processes.They are good gargle for colds and sore throat.The drug is also used furatsilina of inflammatory processes on the gums and the oral cavity.Still it is used for burns, ulcers and purulent wounds, frostbite, and when weeping eczema.The solution can be flush eyes with conjunctivitis.You can use it for bandages and compresses.

# 2

In finished form furatsilina find a solution is difficult, so you need to be able to cook it at home by yourself.To do this you need furatsilina powder.If this is not in pharmacies, you can buy furatsilin tablets.

# 3

So to make furatsilina solution at home, you must take the tablets furatsilina, distilled water container, which will be a solution and tools that fluid will need to stir.

# 4

To get furatsilina solution requires that the drug is rapidly mixed with water.It is better

to grind into a powder tablet.One tablet 100 milliliters of water needed.Instead of distilled water can take an ordinary boiled water.The water temperature should be no lower than 40 degrees.

# 5

furatsilina necessary to pour the powder into the water and stir constantly with a spoon or any other instrument each hour.Since furatsilin relatively poorly soluble in water, sterile solution furatsilina necessary to prepare for 12 hours.If after this time, crystals of the drug can be seen at the bottom of the container, it is necessary to filter the solution through cheesecloth.It is not advisable to furatsilin undiluted hit on the mucous membrane of the throat.

# 6

For the treatment of certain diseases requires an alcohol tincture furatsilina.In order to make it necessary to take the medication three tablets and dissolve them in 100 grams of alcohol.The resulting solution was insisting for 2-to 3 hours.