How to wash cloth blinds ?

How to wash cloth blinds ?
You will need:
  • Water
  • Detergent
# 1

blinds need regular washing, but not all housewives know how to carry out this procedure properly.It is through the wash blinds acquire original appearance, but in order that they then do not deformed, the procedure necessary to carry out manually.So, how to wash the blinds in the home?

# 2

First of all it must be remembered that the fabric blinds are strictly prohibited to wash in the washing machine, hand wash only.Before starting washing, need to undertake special preparatory procedures.To begin with removable slats which are fixed on the ledge, then carefully removed the lower circuit.Then the fabric gets all weights.Now the blinds are rolled in an even roll, after which you can proceed directly to the hand-washing.

# 3

Do not forget that the wash blinds can not do a pre-prepared soapy water without soaking rolled coils (the solution should be very weak).During the wash rolls can start to unravel, and that did not happen, they are recommen

ded to be placed in special bags and drop for half an hour in soapy water.Also soak blinds can be gentle or mild powder solution.

# 4

Wash blinds manually is quite simple, the main thing to remember that is strictly forbidden in the hot water wash slats of fabric, as there is the risk of sprains and strains.In no case can not be pressing fabric blinds are also forbidden them to bend, stroke and dry when they are bent.This is because it can lead to a bend and a hall, which will remain forever and blinds will look very ugly.

# 5

Once the blinds to soak well, they should be thoroughly rinsed, only in cool water until completely disappear from the foam powder or soap solution.In the event that remain after washing dirt marks on fabric washing must be repeated, then again to rinse thoroughly until perfect cleanliness tissue is received.Immediately after the end of the wash until the blinds do not have time to dry, it is necessary to hang back slats and back onto the ledge so that when assembled with their start to drain the water.

# 6

Subject to these simple recommendations, then wash blinds acquire the original form and will not be deformed.Then inserted into tissue weights previously removed and a plastic or metal chain, whereupon the product is left to dry naturally it can process while louvers do not require ironing.