How to clean the soleplate with a Teflon-coated ?

How to clean the soleplate with a Teflon-coated ?
You will need:
  • Vinegar
  • Ammonia
  • Table salt
  • Paraffin
# 1

With the latest models iron ironing process has become much easier and more enjoyable.However, not every woman knows how to clean the soleplate with a Teflon coating on their own at home.At first glance it may seem that this is a difficult task, but it's not quite true, because if you know a few effective methods, cleaning the iron will not cause any difficulties.The main thing, just stick tips described below.

# 2

Not knowing how to clean the iron with Teflon

coating, you can use a simple wipe with a wet cloth.As if on a small iron contamination or it is slightly stained in the holes on the bottom, then you can use the following method of cleaning - a small piece of tissue is taken, which is a good soak with clean water and then turn on the device and a well-ironed wet cloth.We must act very carefully, as during ironing will produce a lot of hot steam and there is a risk of burns.

# 3

So you clean the iron with Teflon coating, if the previous method does not help?It is recommended to try another way to clean - takes clean cotton pad and moistened in vinegar, then scrutinized contaminated sites, it is important to remember that the iron must be turned off.To maximize the effectiveness of cleaning, you can add vinegar to a small amount of ammonia.

# 4

Independently clean teflon iron from the resulting scale quite easily using simple table salt (only use fine salt, as large is not suitable in this case).A small piece of tissue is taken and it is poured salt layer (layer must be very thin), then sprinkled with cold water.Then slightly heated iron and ironed salt.After this scum cleaning procedure is completely separated from the soleplate.

# 5

To clean the contaminated steam holes, it is recommended to use vinegar.The tank filling of water in the iron, poured vinegar to 4 per cent, then the iron is heated and turned on at full power steam supply.Once the vinegar has evaporated, the capacity must be thoroughly rinsed with clean water.if after such a cleaning on the soleplate will be pollution, then you can use paraffin.On a fine grater shredded a little wax, after which it is mixed with common salt and a thin layer is laid out on a small piece of tissue.Then you have to iron the cloth, then clean with a cloth remnants of wax removed.