How can I see rust from clothes ?

How can I see rust from clothes ?
You will need:
  • Lemon juice
  • Vinegar
  • Washing powder
  • Soap
  • Brine
  • hydrosulphide
# 1

During a simple washingrust practically impossible to wash, then via the powder can get the opposite effect.Rust penetrates deeply into the tissue, which is why it is necessary to start to try to wash it to remove.Rust lemon can use simple, since it has a strong bleaching properties.

# 2

So, contaminated clothing must be carefully spread out on the ironing board or table and lemon juice thoroughly moisten the rust stain.It may be that the first time the stain is completely gone, so it is recommended once again to carry out this procedure.Once the stain is completely gone, you need to rinse the thing with soap in cold water.The product was then washed as usual with detergent.

# 3

against rust vinegar can be used - in a small container is filled with exactly one glass of water, after which it dissolves vinegar (one tablespoon.).Then water is put onto the plate and heated until it begins to

boil, after which the solution was removed from the plate and into it is introduced a little ammonia (alcohol may be replaced by a simple baking soda).Place dirt falls into the solution and thoroughly washed.In that case, if the spot disappears once, such a procedure can be repeated several times.

# 4

In order to bring the rust with a white cloth, is recommended to use saline solution, which is soaked cloth.The material is left in the water for as long as the spot has completely disappeared.Then the product is properly cooked in a pre-rinse solution, which is added in a small amount of ammonia.This solution is prepared as follows: - clean water is taken and mixed with ammonia (for one liter of water accounts for three spoons of alcohol art.).

# 5

hydrosulfite can be used to clean white cloth.So, in one liter of pure water is dissolved exactly one tsp.Spoon this substance, after which the solution is placed on a plate and heated to 70 degrees.Once the solution reaches the desired temperature, it falls a few minutes contaminated tissue site, then thoroughly rinse the product in warm waters.However, it is worth remembering that this method can only be used to remove rust stains from white materials, for color products it is not suitable, as there is risk of severely discolored place spot and the thing will be spoiled.

# 6

mixed in equal proportions unpainted chalk or tooth powder with water and glycerol.All components are thoroughly mixed, after which the resulting mixture is rubbed dirt left place for exactly one day.After this time the product should be washed in a simple manner well using detergent.With this method of cleaning can easily remove stains from colored fabrics with rust and does not spoil your favorite thing.