How smooth jacket , folds on the leather jacket ?

How smooth jacket , folds on the leather jacket ?
You will need:
  • Jacket
  • Hot water
  • Steam generator
  • Iron
# 1

Jackets are autumn and spring, and the summer sent to their storage in the closet.There are times when you simply do not have the possibility to store the jacket in the closet, hung on a hanger, so it is simply folded and placed on the shelf.However, after it will be taken off the shelf again, may lose its attractive appearance - it becomes wrinkled jacket and disorders it is sometimes very hard.Particular problems will create a jacket made of genuine leather, because it can not be ironed.But if you know how to smooth leather jacket, you can easily solve this little nuisance and get your favorite things attractive.

# 2

In that case, if the jacket is made of a very thin skin, then it can easily be straightened after a while hanging on hangers.However, this embodiment is suitable only when the jacket bylatolko compressed slightly during storage.Thus, it is quite hard to smooth out very large folds, so it will be useful to vi

sit the other, more effective, and most importantly safe for the skin, smoothing methods.

# 3

One of the most effective methods of smoothing the skin - it is steaming.But it is not necessary for this purpose to use the iron, because in this way to remove wrinkles will not work, but will be spoiled favorite thing.So, we must take pomyatuyukurtku and hang on a hanger over the bath, and then turn on the hot water is a more gentle method of smoothing.However, provided that the use of this technique, it must be ensured that the jacket itself is not wet.The process of smoothing out all the wrinkles should be held only under the influence of hot steam.

# 4

will help resolve this issue and dry, but not everyone can afford such a luxury, it's not the cheapest fun, because everyone can easily use at home and more affordable methods.So, if the above method does not help, you can use the steamer.This device has significant differences from a simple iron - directly on the leather product is directed jet of hot steam, the distance honey skin and the device must be at least 10 centimeters.Under no circumstances should there be the appearance of condensation on the skin, because it can seriously damage your skin.

# 5

In the event that the decision was made for this purpose to use a simple iron, then you must remember that you can install only the delicate cycle, with the heating temperature should be minimal.Jacket unfolds on a flat surface, and then laid on top of a layer of pure fine fabrics and carefully ironed leather.To avoid accidentally spoil a good thing, you must first conduct a small experiment on an inconspicuous area, and if the skin is not deteriorated, then it is possible in this manner will process all of the product.

# 6

In the event that did not help either one of the above methods, and all jacket and left crumpled, then it is worth thinking about dry cleaning.Of course, in this case, it will have to spend quite a large sum, but as a result of your favorite jacket, restored to its attractive appearance is obtained.Among the advantages of dry cleaning can be attributed to the fact that the smoothing procedure is completely safe for the skin, in addition, they will be completely removed all wrinkles and folds, and professionals will conduct an effective cleaning product and the thing will be like new.