How to iron trousers arrows ?

How to iron trousers arrows ?
You will need:
  • Trousers
  • Iron
  • Ironing board
  • white cloth or gauze
# 1

is the responsibility of each family includes such an obligation, as the ironing, but notall love this monotonous and boring work.Today you can easily find in stores is incredibly a lot of variety of irons, so you can choose the model that meets all requirements.But, unfortunately, the iron does not suggest how to iron the pants, because in this case will need skill and a bit of practice.

# 2

To extend the life of both expensive and not very things should follow a few simple tips, and then there will arise the question of how to iron things that they do not spoil.So, first you need to take a simple white cloth or gauze, slightly wet with water, then gently break it.Through this layer is necessary to steam not only the belt but also the upper part of the trousers.Pockets are smoothed from the inside, it is not necessary to use moisturizing.

# 3

Men's pants should be ironed perfectly, because they talk about

the status and respectability.Now we need to combine the side seam and stepping carefully decomposed product on the table or ironing board.It is important not to forget to do it, because otherwise, the arrow will not be symmetrical and ugly start to mow.It should use the following advice - pants should be ironed on the outside only through a damp cloth or gauze to the product does not appear ugly sheen or light yellowish color.

# 4

Guide trouser is very simple and does not require any skills, most importantly patience and a little practice.With special attention is necessary to handle the knee.In the event that pants lost at this point the correct form, necessary light tangential movements iron her back.Such a recommendation may be to align the fabric on the most problematic areas, which include not only the knees, and buttocks area.

# 5

In that case, if some places were too overdried, they should be scuff cloth soaked in premix of vinegar and water (in a glass of water, diluted with one table. Spoon of vinegar).However, to use such a tool can only dark cloth, then be sure the product is rinsed in cold water.All manipulations are carried out with the trousers very carefully, because a thing can lose their presentable.So, after the ironing process is finished, you must hang the pants and leave for a while, until they are completely cool.