How to get rid of the insects in the croup : Housekeeping tip

How to get rid of the insects in the croup : Housekeeping tip
You will need:
  • container filled with warm water
  • Soap
  • Bay Leaf
  • Garlic
  • Clean airtight jars
# 1

Probably, many housewives faced with such unpleasantphenomenon as insects in cereals, get rid of that, sometimes, it is very difficult.Most often, these pests are due to the fact that the cereals are not complied with the rules of storage, but it is necessary to remove them immediately, as soon as have been seen, or they will quickly spread throughout the apartment and get rid of them will be much harder.If there were insects

in the croup, how to get rid of them will help to learn this article.

# 2

Once in the rump insects or small bugs, you must necessarily have been found, check all the spices, tea, flour, including coffee.In the case in which bugs were found, it is necessary to get rid of the contaminated products immediately, as they can be dangerous to human health, to the same output of these bugs is simply impossible.An experienced hostess should know that if there were insects in the apartment, how to get rid of them will help identify experts.

# 3

If the bugs have not been seen in the remaining free-flowing products, then they should be for two or three days to put in the freezer.In winter you can put on the balcony.The same procedure is recommended as prophylaxis for all cereals, which were purchased in the store, as they may already be infected.If you know how to catch insects, did not take much to bring these pests and cereals.

# 4

So we must continue to prepare clean glass jars, which are hermetically sealed cover.All tanks are thoroughly washed with hot water and plain soap, after which they are left to time to completely dry.Since it is necessary to pour the cereal only in a perfectly dry jars, otherwise they can cause unpleasant smell of mold.Then the jar sprinkled cereals, with advance to the bottom of the jar put a whole but peeled garlic clove.Do not worry, the products are not smelling of garlic, of course, if the clove will not be cut or crushed.

# 5

Each woman should know how to protect themselves from insects that do not appear in the house of these pests.Then it is necessary to thoroughly wash all the shelves in the cabinet, where they will be stored cereals.Wash with shelves must warm water and soap (soap can replace soda).Then shelves wiped vinegar (it is necessary to dilute the vinegar with water) and leave at the time of the locker open to weathered sharp smell of vinegar.On the shelves of dried expanded garlic, bay leaves.Many children are interested in how dry the insect, and if on the shelf was discovered dry bug, you can show your child how it looks.