Experienced hostess know how to wash a quilt !

Experienced hostess know how to wash a quilt !
You will need:
  • warm water, detergent
  • Laundry soap, a sponge
  • stiff brush, stain remover
  • Vata, beater
# 1

Today, many housewives become waddedblankets, because they are very warm and comfortable, but they have one drawback - quilts very hard to erase.But if the hostess knows how to wash the quilt, then it has a chance to save on dry cleaning and laundry to hold their own at home, most importantly, follow a few simple rules.

# 2

So, first you must remember that it is not worth the blanket completely wet in the water as wash it will be very difficult, and after washing wool may stray into hard lumps, and the product will have a very uglyappearance and hide them will not so comfortable.In addition, dry quilt, which has been completely wetted, it is necessary for a long time.If the hostess knows how to wash a blanket of wool, then there will be a secret, and as a sheep blanket wash, because the principle of the washing of these products is the same for her.

# 3

On the surface quilt should be dried completely to remove all contamination, and for this you can use stain remover, which is easily available in any store.It is important that before you start cleaning, read carefully the information specified on the label blankets, as well as instructions used tools.There is a risk to spoil the color of the product, if the cleaning will be used too aggressive means.It is necessary to take a clean cotton swab and moisten it in paint thinners, and then carefully treat every spot.Not knowing how to wash a duvet, you can use the same methods with which to clean and a blanket of wool.

# 4

After using the stain remover may remain unsightly halos, which can be removed by a washing individual sites.Place stain processed thick gruel simple laundry detergent, as it can rub soap.We must act very carefully, as should soak only the top of the blankets, to not much to wet a cotton filler.For cleaning you can use a stiff brush, and using a foam sponge dipped in clean water to remove the remains of powder or soap.Not knowing how to wash a blanket, you can use this same method.

# 5

Once the quilt is completely cleansed of the stains, you must hang it in the sun and allow to dry completely.Emitted by the sun's rays are not only well prosushat filler blankets, but it ignited and carefully, so that will be destroyed by dust mites, which are bred in the wool.Then, the product must be carefully clear of dust, this procedure is carried out during the drying.During drying it is necessary several times a good whipping wool to fill not only well dried out, but is uniformly dispersed product.You can use the beater.Knowing how to wash a blanket of wool, you can save on dry cleaning.