How to wash the oven of fat ?

How to wash the oven of fat ?
You will need:
  • Traditional recipes
  • Household chemicals
# 1

So delicious dish out of the oven is ready, but the condition and cleanliness of the oven, leave much to be desired, atthe walls were greasy and sticky spots, which are also in the process of cooking, covered with a thick crust.Of course, wash the oven with such "art" is difficult, but the aid can come household chemicals or at least an effective national ways.Before you get to the oven clean from dirt, you must prepare the following: a sponge or rag, cleaning products, and of course gloves to protect your hands.To solve the problem of how to clean up the oven of fat folk remedies, you can use an old and proven method is hot vapor.On a baking poured a small amount of warm water, with the addition of dishwashing detergent.All this is placed in an oven preheated to 50 degrees, then the temperature is brought to 150 degrees for 30 minutes.Then, you must wait until the walls of the oven cool down and clean the grease with a damp spon

ge or cloth.As a result of this procedure, the spots will become softer and will be easier to remove them.

# 2

also to clean the oven, you can use vinegar, which is diluted with water at a ratio of 1/1.Cloth or sponge should be wet with vinegar (be sure to wear gloves) and rub them in the oven wall, leave for a while to soak up the solution.For best results, instead of a sponge or cloth, you can use a brush.Thereafter, dirty and grease stains in the oven, sprinkle with baking soda.The reaction of vinegar and soda washes even very old dirt.If no soda, ammonia can be applied.Next, you need to thoroughly wash the oven with a solution of soapy water.The method of how to wash duhovkuot dirt, very effective and completely safe.Baking powder, one correct version, which will return the purity and brilliance of a dirty oven.Needed to moisten the cloth or sponge in hot water and wipe the walls of the oven, available grease stains, sprinkle baking powder, sprinkle it with water, leave for a while and remove with a damp cloth.Also, in the absence of baking powder, you can use citric acid and baking soda

# 3

ammonia helps wash the oven from grease and dirt from the inside.With a cloth, apply ammonia (only gloves) to soiled areas and leave for 30 minutes, then carefully wash all the warm water.If you need to clean the glass oven, then again, you can use baking soda.Apply baking soda evenly on the glass door, moisten it with warm water and leave it for an hour.Then, wipe the glass with a damp sponge or cloth, then remove any excess moisture with a dry cloth.Another way: also involves heating the oven and steam, but instead of water with dishwashing, using a special spray (you can buy at the store), which is distributed on the walls of the oven, preheated to 60-75 degrees.Spray corrodes grease then remain only the oven rinse well with warm water, using the same cloth.If you use a spray, or other household chemicals, it is important to take precautions.The room should be well ventilated, and the very oven should be washed thoroughly to her left chemistry of particles that can be harmful to health.