Getting rid of bed bugs forever?

Getting rid of bed bugs forever?
You will need:
  • Traditional recipes
  • Chemicals
# 1

To effectively combat bedbugs, it is first necessary to find out the source of infection, as most of the people and does not feelthe presence of bedbugs in the bed or in some other places, respectively, to determine exactly where their habitats, it is difficult.Discover these pests can be anywhere, it could be the furniture, carpets, household equipment and computer or even a picture or wallpaper.In order to get rid of bed bugs for good, it is necessary to carefully check all the above places.Particular attention should be paid to mattresses, bedding and upholstery.Methods of dealing with these pests, there are many that will help solve such a problem, how to get rid of bed bugs for good.For example, traditional recipes: the most simple and harmless means, is vinegar.This method will not damage furniture and any other surface, but because of its peculiar smell, deter insects.Vinegar is needed to lubricate all areas where pests have been de

tected earlier.

# 2

Evaporation is also an effective, popular way to get rid of bed bugs, and most importantly safe.With the help of hot water necessary to process all the joints in the sofas, upholstered furniture, cracks in the baseboards and other similar places.Valerian is also not a bad option, it is necessary only to apply the tincture of valerian on any surface, inhabited by bugs, the latter themselves are beginning to crawl.But if the pests have time to lay eggs, the tool does not help, as valerian tincture is powerless against bedbugs, if a family has pets.Kerosene, turpentine and hot water, is also an effective remedy against these pests.All these ingredients are mixed in the calculation: turpentine 15ml, 20ml kerosene, liquid green soap 40g and water 150ml.With this solution treated all surfaces where the bugs live.Incidentally, this folk remedy, is one of the oldest and trusted in the fight against these insects.Wormwood also helps fight the bugs, you just need to put it under my pillow, the smell of the grass deter pests.

# 3

If there were bugs in the cold season, it is recommended to ventilate the room regularly, because low temperature will kill the bugs, for this purpose, it is possible to make blankets, pillows or mattresses on the street.When insects found in the joints of furniture, it can be treated with a peroxide, water or an alcohol and salt.There are methods to get rid of the bugs that are not always suitable.For example, alcohol or gas burner, whereby the metal surfaces are treated where pests inhabit.However, with this method, it is required to be careful.All of these, popular recipes, this is a very difficult and laborious work, in which the main carefully inspect all items, treating separately each of them.Among the chemical methods of controlling bedbugs are most often used: trichlorfon, mikrofos, karbafos, pyrethrum, the battalion commander, etc.All these drugs have the instructions for use and it is important to strictly observe it, as contained in these chemicals substances that can be dangerous to humans and pets.