How to get rid of flies in the kitchen : household

How to get rid of flies in the kitchen : household
You will need:
  • Care
  • General cleaning
  • Bait traps
# 1

What flies?By themselves, these insects are not dangerous for humans, in the sense that they do not sting or bite, but nevertheless significant nuisance.From this neighborhood wants to get rid of as quickly as possible.In order to attempt to get rid of the insects in the kitchen to succeed, you must first find the source of the flies.Where there are flies?And that is a factor in their rapid spread?In the kitchen, these factors can be a huge amount.

# 2

This bin, which, for example, that any simply rotted.And the cabinets where you store the stocks of cereals and other provisions.If the kitchen has flowers which are fertilized remains an unfinished tea is an excellent food for insect data.Only to find all of these risk areas, and eliminating them can clean the kitchen from the flies.Important: after the detection and elimination of the source of the spread of insects, it is imperative to carry out general cleaning of premises, o

therwise there is a risk of recurrence.

# 3

Make bait for flies can be yourself.For example, if the cause of the flies in the kitchen, are flower pots, you need to prepare a weak solution of potassium permanganate, and watered their flower land.Another good way is to wine or liquor.Flies attracted to the sweet, you want to just leave a glass of liquor or wine, where there is the greatest concentration of insects in a couple of days flies in the kitchen will be much smaller, and then uninvited guests disappear altogether (but this is on condition that the source of the insects,was discovered and destroyed).

# 4

There is another similar recipe is apple juice.Pour into a glass of apple juice to ferment it, well, then everything is exactly as described above.You can buy a trap or bait in a specialty store and apply it according to the instructions.Do not forget that prevent the emergence of these insects, it is much easier than to clean the kitchen from the flies in the future!To do this, just need to observe cleanliness and order in the house.Ensure that there are no damaged, and even more rotten food.