How to remove the foam from clothes ?

How to remove the foam from clothes ?
You will need:
  • Means for removing foam
  • sharp knife
  • Brush for cleaning clothes or sponge
# 1

during construction work is very often used polyurethane foam, with the help ofwhich can be easily and securely repaired all the cracks, cavities and joints.Within 12 hours there is a complete drying of the foam, while it virtually does not crack.However, there are times when the foam reaches the clothes, so every woman should know how to remove the foam from clothes at home.

# 2

In the event that some amount of foam onto your clothing, there is a chance to clean it completely before it dries and after drying.Main during cleaning use special means for removing the foam.Do not use acetone or thinner, since these substances penetrate into the tissue, and after drying, sunlight, stains may appear yellow.To the foam onto your clothing or other items, you must know how to use a gun foam.

# 3

will not remove the mounting foam and using a soap solution or a simple washing powder, as in this c

ase it is necessary to use only a special solution designed for cleaning clothes from foam.Before applied to the fabric agent must first carefully remove as much as possible the amount of foam with a sharp knife.We must act very carefully, so you do not accidentally damage the fabric.The capacity of cleaner thoroughly shaken, and then processes all contaminated sites.Before starting the repair is important to know how to clean up the mounting foam that remains of her is not spoil the impression of just made repair.

# 4

We must act very carefully, as a part of these funds include acetone, so it is not recommended to rub heavily polluted sites.The tool is applied to the stain and left for about 20 minutes, and once the foam softens, it is removed with a brush or sponge, and the movement must be directed along the fabric fibers.It is important to know is that what used foam, how to choose it can prompt a consultant at the store.

# 5

In that case, if after the first cleaning foam is not completely removed, then you can repeat this procedure.It is important to follow will not be damaged if the fabric during cleaning, and if all goes well, it will be possible to increase the duration of use of the cleaner, and if the fabric deteriorates, then the time will be shortened.After the cleaning procedure, the clothes should be washed well with soap powder.If you know how to scrub the foam core, can not worry about what will be spoiled a good thing.