How to place the well on the land ?

How to place the well on the land ?
You will need:
  • Wells
  • Soil
  • Plants
  • Boer
# 1

The most reliable way to determine the location for the well are geophysical charts, and geological records, but to invite expensive specialistscan not afford one.To find their own place to drill is necessary first of all to examine the current and old wells, which are located next to the land.It is also necessary to question living next to neighbors, as well to determine the location you can use them.Inspection wells will let you know the level of groundwater, as well as determine their depth.A large number of wells suggests that in this area there is a lot of groundwater.On this site you can safely carry out drilling, while the absence of a number of wells indicates unsuitable for the soil well.Normally not subject to drilling and rocky clay soil, so dig a hole in the ground so problematic.

# 2

large amount of water contain various pebbly and sandy soils.on the amount of liquid also influences its thickness and grain formation as much

water contained in the granular soil layers thick.The optimum location for drilling through geological slice.It is not necessary to do well in the place where the pebble and sandy soil comes to the surface.Since ennoble well in this soil will not work, the water will be contaminated liquid from above.The clay soil is usually dug wide pits, which serve as storage of groundwater.

# 3

sure to pay attention to the vegetation of the site, as reed perennial plants usually grow in close proximity to water.Also love the abundant moisture cedar and willow.Before drilling the well by hand, it is necessary to recall the dry season.Small areas of lush green grass that did not die in a drought, talk about the closely spaced groundwater.Also, near the source of the moisture is a large number of ant hills.Often determine the location for drilling helps the topography as a subterranean formation usually has the same shape.

# 4

Before you determine the depth of the well, it is necessary to acquire a powerful durable drill with a retractable handle.Also, choosing a place to drill is necessary to bear in mind that the surface must not be flooded during high water.The water from the surface may enter the well and contaminate it significantly.The presence of groundwater sources say the surface, as well as nearby river.The water in this well is not lost, even in the case of dry riverbed.Also remember that the well should be located away from a variety of sources and be available in any weather.