Experienced hostess know how to remove the smell from the clothes !

Experienced hostess know how to remove the smell from the clothes !
You will need:
  • Vinegar
  • Dry
  • Washing powder
  • Sprays converters
# 1

Even the most well-groomed man is not immune to the presence of odors and stains dirt on clothing.They are the cause of embarrassment and confusion for many people.There are several proven ways to remove odor from clothes.Often the unpleasant smell from the things that are long, then things just enough to hang out in the fresh air.Also, an unpleasant smell from the clothes can be removed by spraying with water diluted ammonia solution (1: 2).This procedure is best done before washing.To cope with the disease will also help to soak clothes in vinegar solution and washing powder for 1 hour.For this purpose 10 liters of water need to add 250-300 mL of vinegar and 200 grams of detergent.Then the clothes should be washed and well dried.You can also use a variety of sprays intended converters and sachets, which help maintain a pleasant aroma.

# 2

As mentioned above, can be on clothing and various stains such as wine, oil,

ink.There is a proven way to help not only to remove wine stains from clothes, but also gives the laundry smell fresh.Before to wash clothes with wine, it is necessary on the spot on 30 minutes, a mixture of salt and hydrogen peroxide.In a basin for washing is necessary to pour hot water, add detergent to the effect of stain remover and 4 tablespoons of ammonia.Then polluted thing is soaked for an hour in this solution, and then thoroughly rinsed under warm water and dried in the open air.If the clothing fabric is white, you can use bleach.Experienced housewives know how to remove the oil from the clothes the first time.Also, this method will give the clothes a pleasant aroma.Fresh stain is removed using a contaminated site soaking in ammonia solution and any detergent.Fat and oil stains can be removed from tissues by organic solvents, such as benzene, turpentine, acetone, alcohol.Once the stain is removed, the thing should be soaked in detergent powder, then it is desirable to use kanditsioner laundry.

# 3

Before Zelenka to wash clothes with, you need to treat the stain with a solution of hydrogen peroxide.Then you can use a variety of bleach or stain removers.All bleaching agents, in addition to its direct purpose, give the laundry smell clean.Of course, after such funds should be carefully rinse your clothes under running water.If a person can not tolerate the pungent smell of bleaching agents, you can use the air conditioning, or just hang this thing to fresh air.Before you remove ink from clothes, you need to put in place pollution mixture of ammonia and hydrogen peroxide.If the smell and stain strongly "ingrained" in the clothes, then surely such a thing should be given to the dry cleaners.