How to store chains ?

How to store chains ?
You will need:
  • Decoration
  • Capsule from a jewelry store
  • Knowledge
# 1

While most people believe that storing jewelry is "simple," it is not.There are many ways that you can store all the decorations;the best method will depend on the space you have available, such as jewelry and your own preferences.

# 2

actually cherished decorations are stored for a long time.By following the rules, how to store chains, rings and other jewelry, you not only save the decorations, but also extend their service life.In addition, gold and silver jewelry need extra care and attention during storage to maintain a beautiful and majestic view of these elements.

# 3

sure to think about keeping the jewelry in the right direction.A good option to store jewelry box, which you get from a jewelry store at the time of purchase.These boxes are specifically designed for the storage of gold jewelry, in that they help to preserve the original shine of metal.

# 4

Storage chains should be in a separate box,

which would prevent any, folds, twisting and binding.So never throw away the boxes and store them in the same way, and small items such as earrings, rings, etc., to ensure long life and to maintain natural shine jewelry.

# 5

aware that some jewelry have very specific storage requirements, so it is important to know how to store this kind of decoration.For example, to maintain shine and protect fragile elements of pearls from damage, it must be stored in a silk bag or cardboard box in a horizontal position, in order to protect it from stretching.

# 6

When buying any jewelry ask the seller whether your buying needs in specific storage methods.Since it is the correct storage will prolong the life of decorations.Speaking of silver, remember that it dims if it is not stored in an airtight container.