How to clean gold chain ?

How to clean gold chain ?
You will need:
  • Gold chain
  • Detergent
  • Toothbrush
# 1

Hand washing.Clear gold chain is quite simple.You can use the most common means available.To start cleaning, place the gold jewelry in warm water and add a few drops of mild dishwashing liquid.Lather liquid fingers.For thorough cleaning, use a soft brush, a very good fit toothbrush with soft bristles.

# 2

When cleaning does not need to exert strong pressure to avoid damaging parts.This method of how to clean a gold chain, efficient and eliminates plaque from the decoration and dark spots.Sometimes you can use toothpaste or baking powder.But their use must be very careful, since they can be abrasive.Rinse the gold chain with warm water, then wipe dry with a soft cloth.

# 3

Do not use paper towels or tissues, for that would dry the product, as they may contain particles of wood, which may leave slight traces.Washer.If hand washing does not give the desired results, the effective way how to clean a gold chain, is the use of clea

ning machines for the gold.In some cases this may be necessary.

# 4

automatic cleaning equipment, such as ultrasonic cleaners can be purchased in jewelry stores.These products are normally supplied with a cleaning liquid which can be used with or without the use of the machine.Other methods include steam cleaners and ionic purifiers that can be purchased on specialized sites.

# 5

Polishing.Looking for a way to clean a gold chain, can be used polishing.Jewellery polishing is the last step in the cleaning process and can be done with a soft, clean cloth.When polishing is necessary to use direct, rather than a circular motion, it helps you to avoid the creation of a visible pattern on the gold.

# 6

After cleaning and polishing gold chain, store it in a fabric carrying case or in a separate place, if you do not wear it.This will ensure the safety of the product, and it does not scratch or confused with other jewelry.Be sure that the gold is completely dry before storing, as staining may occur due to moisture.