How to remove scratches on the refrigerator ?

How to remove scratches on the refrigerator ?
You will need:
  • Sandpaper
  • Gasoline
  • acrylic or enamel paint
  • Putty
  • marker or corrector
# 1

To remove scratches from the refrigerator, it is necessary to carry out preparatoryoperation.Sand the damaged surface with sandpaper.Then, carefully powertrowel refrigerator gasoline and zashpatlyuyte.Wait for the surface to dry completely.Then again powertrowel refrigerator sandpaper.Then, apply the paint, small brush.

# 2

Besides the usual enamel can be applied acrylic paint.It dries quickly and does not smell, but its drawback is that rests on acrylic worse than the enamel surface.This is the first way of how to paint over a scratch on the refrigerator.There is another option.For smaller scratches do not need such drastic measures, in this case, it is better using special masking marker that has application for removing scratches on vehicles.

# 3

Before use read the prescribed instructions.Shake the marker and draw scratches.The masking marker for cars is not cheap, so in order to s

ave, buy it when the scratches will be many.Alternative marker - sketch scratch varnish French manicure.Having bought the nail polish brush gently stroll along the scratch.

# 4

First make a thin line, as if the varnish is too much, ugly bulge is formed and the attractiveness of the refrigerator will be lost.It is better to wait until the first coat has dried, and then, if necessary, apply another thin strip.How to remove scratches on the refrigerator, unless you have special equipment to remove scratches?In this case, use the proofreader for ordinary text.He is able to conceal minor damage to the surface of the refrigerator.

# 5

However, it should be noted that the checker is durable and thorough cleaning shaded surface can wear out.Gently wash shaded places or at times obscure scratched place.If you have no desire to engage in painting scratches, that is a bold solution that takes time - stick magnet.Some resourceful people scratch out drawing on the refrigerator and say that this is a new design.So, you decide which method is appropriate for your refrigerator.