How to clean the iron sludge toothpaste ?

How to clean the iron sludge toothpaste ?
You will need:
  • Chemical pencil
  • vinegar
  • Salt finely ground
  • Soda
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Toothpaste
# 1

one of the top aides of any housewifeconsidered iron.It not only makes the crumpled linen in decent clothes, but also disinfects bedding.However, it happens that he leaves marks on the fabric.This is a sign that it is time to carry out his soles clean.For this there are special tools, but you can also use traditional methods.1. Chemical pencil.This tool is the most simple and effective way to get rid of dirt on the soleplate.Good enough to heat up the appliance and rub its data base with a pencil.A few minutes later plaque softened and easily removed with a dry soft cloth.But before you clean the iron from scale, you need to read the instructions in this unit.

# 2

2. vinegar.It is used for cleaning soot from different surfaces.We need to take any rough cloth and soak it in vinegar.Clean the iron in this way can only be in the cold state of the appliance, since the liquid evaporate

s easily with warm soles.To achieve best results, you can add vinegar a few drops of ammonia.If you clear the iron in this way does not succeed, it is necessary to heat it.And then a hot appliance ironed cloth soaked in vinegar.It should be noted that before remove the carbon deposits on the iron by this method, you need to take care of the ventilation of the room.

# 3

3. Salt finely ground.Its use for purification of not only iron of a deposit, but also rust.Immediately it should be clarified that for soles with Teflon coating, this method is not applicable.How is the process?A thick layer of salt is poured on a piece of cloth or a sheet of paper.Newspaper for this purpose are not suitable, because the ink may melt and stain the unit base.Heating of iron, it is carried out by the salt layer, gently pressing.A better result can be achieved by adding salt to the crushed paraffin candle.Incidentally, this method helps to get rid of small scratches on the surface of the device.In addition, many housewives when advised how to clean a pot of varnish, also mention the salt.

# 4

4. soda and hydrogen peroxide.Data means the house is carried out "cold" treatment of iron.To do this, 1 teaspoon baking soda moistened with water and spread evenly on the base of the device.A few minutes later you can begin to scour a deposit with a wet cloth.But the application of liquid peroxide is necessary to moisten a cotton pad and wipe them iron.The smell in this case will not be felt.Sometimes, instead of the mistress of hydrogen peroxide using acetone or nail polish remover.But it is not as harmless as it seems.The fact that these chemical liquids are too aggressive and in contact with the plastic portions of the device may damage them.

# 5

5. Toothpaste.This drug remove plaque on iron as easily as a clean pan of a deposit.However, for large dirt sole is better to choose another method.Applying a paste similar to using a variety of powders, creams and gels for washing dishes.On a wet rag or sponge to apply a small amount of money from a tube.

# 6

remains only to gently rub the surface of the iron, so that nothing got in the holes for the pair.After the sole procedure to wash with running water and dry with a woolen cloth.You can find a more radical methods of cleaning the iron: with citric acid, sandpaper, sulfur with a box of matches, and even a small grater.However, it is better not to risk it and choose a more gentle way to get rid of a deposit.