How do I turn the wireless network on a laptop quickly?

You will need:
  • laptop
  • hands
# 1

Earlier desktop computers called home.That is now portable notebooks can be called home.They are much more convenient in terms of its compactness."Buk" can take on the work, to friends.For it is not, wanted, I worked sitting on a chair, wanted, broke with him on the bed.For many compact and convenient system blocks with their monitors.Although now produce more compact devices, such as tablets, but they are not easy to use for a major operation.So the best choice most people getting a laptop.Moreover, in many models already have built-in web camera and wi-fi technology.And many other things on the desktop computer should be bought separately.

# 2

So people ask "how to turn the wireless network on a laptop."Of course, different models will have their own, different ways of doing it.Although understand this will not be difficult.First you need to know what to enable and disable the wireless network on your device can be both hardware and software.First, i

t should be found on the notebook chassis rocker.Accordingly, it will be necessary to move to "ON".In this case the housing should appear light drove under the icon of the lighthouse.This will mean that the wi-fi on a laptop is switched on and ready to work.Left to run its software.This is where each user will have their own way.Since on some models for this, press F8, other F2.In general, it is necessary to consider and find a desired key of these.

# 3

That's how easy it is to deal with the question of "how to turn on the wireless network."Next to connect to wi-fi, you need to use the following instructions.On the right panel is located on the taskbar box.Where it shows all active processes.There should be mapped and network.Pointing at her left mouse button, a screen appears, showing all possible types of connection to the network.And under the heading "Wireless Network Connection" to choose the right, click on it and confirm.All laptop connected.However, there is a small nuance.There are free online, such as in some public institution.And there are password protected, which are available only to those who know the password.And there is nothing left but to find it, or forget about this network.

# 4

now possible to consider "how to set up a wireless network on a laptop" This is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance.Now you can even show you how to create a wireless network.To do this, you will need: a broadband connection to the Internet or a modem, wireless network adapters and wireless router.The first step is to connect one computer to the Internet.Depending on the provider and connection method, it may be a modem, DSL line or cable Internet, everyone will have all individually.Typically, the company that delivers internet, a man came and all the tunes.Or in the set is a detailed step by step instructions for an explanation.In general, to connect to the Internet will help everyone, and it does not take much for someone not.

# 5

next step is to install a wireless router.It must be placed in the room in such a way that it can receive the strongest signal, pre minimal interference.You can highlight some tips for this.Firstly, the router is best set in the center of the room, if it is the entire network is in it in the center or at home, if the network is needed around the house.This device is best positioned just above the floor and further away from the metal structures.The less physical objects will welcome the signal from the router to the computer, the stronger the signal and its quality.It is also possible need to reduce interference.Many devices, such as cordless phones and microwave, can operate on the same frequency with the router.Such a situation should be avoided, and to compare the frequency of the instrument.

# 6

The following talk about their own safety wireless network.Since it can go beyond the territory of the right to human, it can take advantage of someone else using your computer also.This stranger, can climb on the entire network, to see all documents and use the internet for free.To ensure that this situation does not occur, you must set a personal login and password for the router.Some people do not, or make them very simple, which can lead to cracking of the home network.You can also configure the security for the network shreds.This can be compared with the real key of the door.It can be done, not only virtual, but also physically writing it to the flash drive.Only when it is inserted into the computer, one can reach the private wireless network.

# 7

That's all the basics of how to connect the wireless network on a laptop.Of course, this issue may take more than one hour of explanation, but the general meaning is clear.Modern technology dictate the rules.And in order to live successfully in the modern world you need every day more and more aware.High technology is already everyone in the house, and soon it will become a major part of life.So it must be prepared, to learn more about the wonderful world of technology.Learn and grow.Step forward on the path to a new life does not only humanity, but every man personally.Understand this is not difficult, the main desire.