How to upload photos to the forum : practical tips

You will need:
  • computer with Internet access
  • software products for image processing
  • media
# 1

Most Internet users who participate in writing postsforums, uses a function such as loading images, and in particular photos.Thus, the forum users create avatorki, or just want to share the image on the topic under discussion.Not every internet user knows how to upload photos to the forum, in fact sometimes do not so simple.We must know and take into account many aspects that relate to the image size, its format, and so on. D. Each forum brings its own requirements for the properties of pictures, so the slightest deviation from them will lead to the fact that the image is simply not boot.But, disappointed on that score is not necessary.Practical advice that will be given below, will allow anyone to insert your photo on a forum.

# 2

most acute problem for many users is when you need to upload a photo of a large size, and the limited functionality of certain web resource does not permit to d

o so.In this case, everything is decided not so difficult.There are special services that allow you to reduce the size of image to the desired size.As an example, the Internet - a service called Radilkal.This resource can handle not only those images that are larger, but it also works with pictures of small size.This service is characterized by the use of the prostate and does not require professional skills to work.All operations and functions are carried out very quickly and easily.

# 3

Before you start working with the present service, need to select the desired image processing.It can be stored on a computer hard disk or on any storage medium.Once the desired image is selected, press the button titled "Download".It is worth noting that this service has the ability to upload photos, the size of which does not exceed 10 MB.In addition, to register for this resource in order to change the image size, not necessarily.However, if desired, the user may register itself.In this case, it will be possible to catalog your photos.Moreover, the service can at any time to restore the picture, because it is stored on it for ever and is not going away.

# 4

Upload photos to the service via the "Browse" button.there is a line that says the contrary this button is "Select on your computer the image file."Once the picture is selected, and press the appropriate command, the boot image.To resource can upload a photo of a large size, you need to set some parameters of the program.So, in the main window you need to deselect the item titled "Zoom up to 640 pixels".If this is not done, the large size of the image is downloaded.It is possible that the image loading takes a little time, so do not worry if the picture is not immediately displayed, this is normal.Once the photo is uploaded, the user will see as a list will appear in front of him, which contains the reference.

# 5

reference list contains e-mail addresses, which houses the required picture, but different sizes.For each link presents its own picture settings.Therefore, you need to select the link, image parameters which meet the requirements of the forum, which will be unloaded picture.For offline suitable item number 2, namely, the picture in the text.Copy the link of the item, you will need to insert it in the appropriate section of the forum, where you want to place the image.Each forum offers the user who upload pictures, pre-view it.For this there is the corresponding command.So, before you click on the "Save" button, you need to throw a glance at the picture, and if you are satisfied, then put the photo.

# 6

Also, when deciding on how to upload photos to the forum, the value is loaded and the image format.Before loading process should be familiar with the rules of the forum, which should be specified in what formats are allowed to insert a photo.As a rule, most forums support formats such as gif.jpg.If the image is done in a format that does not correspond to that allowed on the forum, then you need to alter a photo in the desired format.For this purpose, we developed quite a few programs that are quick and easy to solve this situation.As an example, a software product called Image Resizer.This product also allows you to change the image size.

# 7

Customers usually inserted in the forums those photos that have made themselves.If you do not want to put their own work or is not possible, you can use those images that are posted on various Internet resources.This would require just copy the URL of the image, open it in a new tab and keep on any of the media.That these rules shall be followed in the event of the need to download images at various forums.