How to block a person on Skype : guide

You will need:
  • Skype
  • Internet
  • profile
  • Nick
  • Desire
# 1

Not to have no secret that Skype - a special programdesigned for virtual communication online.It is very convenient, because there is a unique opportunity not only to correspond with messages like social networks, but also to see his interlocutor on the screen.This is an excellent remedy for people who are separated from each other by a great distance.However, very often it happens that there is a keen desire to once and for all to block one of his companions.But how to do it, and whether such an operation in this program possible.Yes, Skype provides for such action, and to restrict access to the user may be objectionable for a couple of minutes.There is a legitimate question as to lock on Skype, even to people no longer able to send messages to the specified nick.

# 2

So, if the desire to restrict access to Skype particular person is final and irrevocable, you should not hesitate.But what you need to do?There are two option

s, and you should definitely consider each of them.The first method is as follows: for a start it is recommended to open the context menu Profile "objectionable" Skype phone, and this is only once, right-click of the left mouse button on his nickname.In the window you want to select the tab "Block this user" and activate it by pressing the left mouse button.Also, if desired, you can send him a further report on the violation of the rules, or just once and for all remove from their contacts.This action will start in the same moment, and the subscriber with that nickname for an indefinite period will be cut off access to any communication

# 3

However, there is another way to block the Skype person, with those same simple, affordable,and most importantly - safe.So, you want to select a personal profile "violators", as well as after klatsnut on the right mouse button.In the window that appears, select "Remove from contacts list ', and you can never worry about it again disturb the peace.Although, of course, it is better to block the nickname, recording it into the "black list".Why?The fact is that over time the desire to restrict access can and does disappear, then there will be also simply return it to the list of contacts.To do this, Skype toolbar, select "Settings", which go to the "Security" tab.Here, select "Blocked callers", where you can see all the unwanted user.

# 4

On request they can be returned to the honorary status of "friends", and for this klatsnut mouse on the nick and press the right button "Unlock".At the same moment a user leaves the "black list" and will be reopened in the contact list.If interested, how to block a person on Skype, it does not hurt to know also how then, if necessary, unlock it again.But still I wonder if he would know that he was in "black list"?If you write him an additional message, of course.However, in the case where the user did not do this, then the blocked caller will see a blank icon that indicates that the interlocutor is not just online.So obviously conflict can be avoided, but to secure a complete peace of mind and lack of intrusive, unpleasant intercourse.

# 5

So to use Skype is very easy and convenient, and most importantly - you can easily restrict access to communicate with "useless people", while they can only guess that they are in the "black list".So, the long absence of connection and downloading of messages sent will prompt reflection blocked caller, but the blocking of any user from your contact list for their profile - again this is a personal matter, which has its own good reasons and a reasonable explanation.