How to get online from a computer via the telephone : guide

How to get online from a computer via the telephone : guide
You will need:
  • phone function Bluetooth
  • Computer
  • USB-Bluetooth adapter
  • Installation driver
  • Following instructions
# 1

Going online has now become a kind of dailyritual.The World Wide Web is now available for both adults and children, and the elderly.In order to get into the network, to make quite a few clicks of the computer mouse or telephone buttons.But this method is good only if access to the Internet only via mobile phone or modem connected to a computer.But very often, many netizens are facing such a problem: the fault of the operator, which provides services to connect to the Internet connected the modem may not work.Also, the internet connection may be interrupted due to weather conditions or due to damage to the modem.What if it is necessary to urgently get to the Internet?

# 2

Many are beginning to search for the nearest Internet - centers, others - professionals who will repair the modem.Although out of the situation is quite simple.It is enough to have at hand a mo

bile phone with GPRS function and an Internet connection.And if the telephone has a port and Bluetooth - all this will help solve the problem appeared immediately in two ways.Before you go on the Internet from your computer through the phone must be in the salon, which sells computers or mobile phones to purchase USB-Bluetooth adapter for a laptop or home computer.The choice of such devices is huge, do not just buy the ones that cost somewhat overstated.Cheap adapters work is not worse, but they are designed for a small range of what is needed in the office or at home.

# 3

This unit must be plugged into a free USB-port of the computer, in some cases, when installing the unit will need additional installation of drivers.In most cases, if your computer is under Windows XP, the program will connect the adapter through all the necessary drivers and the control panel will establish a connection icon to be visible to the user.Now it is necessary that both devices are connected.To do this in the notification area, you need to find the item - "Add Bluetooth device" and start the Connection Wizard.To phone with no problems found a computer, you must first enable the mobile Bluetooth.The wizard will be an item that will add a new device is detected.

# 4

After the mobile phone is checked, it will be necessary to select an access key, which is usually chosen automatically.The Setup Wizard will generate the key, which is suitable for the connection.This key must be entered in your phone, to which the corresponding screen appears.After the introduction it is necessary to select - Show your Bluetooth device.This would mean that both devices are already connected.Now you need to connect to the Internet.To do this, go to Control Panel, select - Phone and Modem Options, go to the item Modems.It should already be indicated that there is a modem to connect via Bluetooth.In the Wizard select - Standard modem via Bluetooth connection.Make click on the "Properties" button and choose More Options.

# 5

appeared in line to register for initializing the address of the Internet, which is connected to the phone.Before you go online with your phone through your computer, you need to connect to the network.In the Start menu, go to Settings and select Network Connections.In the menu - Internet connection, select the manual installation of a modem connection.According to the proposed item to set the modem default.Next, enter a name service provider, and the password that each provider is different.The second method is much easier to connect.For it will be necessary USB - cable.There is a possibility that the driver installation for the connection may need a cable.CD with drivers such sale with almost every mobile phone that has Internet access.

# 6

A cable connected the computer will determine the cell phone as a new device is connected.Then you should go to the Control Panel, which is located in the Start menu.There Select Phones and Modems, select the modem is connected, its properties, and try to create an Internet connection.Find point - Show all connections, select - Create a new connection, Next, and Internet connection.To connect you must choose - Manually connect and connect through a regular modem.From the list, select the name of the modem that will be connected.If you connect through a mobile phone, enter the phone number * 99 *** 1 #, or other, then the username and password of the operator that provides communication service.All data must be entered in small letters.