As in the bios to boot from the disc to put on their own ?

You will need:
  • computer or laptop
  • spoken work Bios
# 1

Today a lot of people understand computers better than IT-specialists, so for them the question ofhow to put in the Bios to boot from the disc, it seems not only primitive, but also cause a smile.However, not everyone wants to consult specialists, preferring to learn independently.It is for these newcomers and read this article.It does not matter to the PC or laptop must be made to boot from the disk, the procedure is about the same.It is important to understand the actions of the scheme.What is Bios and why is it needed?

# 2

Bios (BIOS) - special program, which is in the read-only memory (ROM) and is used for initial testing of all components of the computer and in the absence of a problem computer, control passes a program that is on your boot your computer ROM onflash media, CD ROM.Here is the program already and starts the operating system.The BIOS has a subroutine - BIOS Setup, it lets you specify the desired parameters and

modes of operation of some of the computer components.Also it can be used to disable operation of the equipment.Bios also engaged in processing input and output operations, which enabled modern computers become more compact and bystrodeystvennymi, but now, many operating systems do not use the Bios opportunities.

# 3

ordinary users may only need the part of the Bios, which is called the BIOS Setup.It allows you to customize the operation of individual hardware components of your computer.First of all, this loading may be required when installing the operating system on the hard drive.Also, you can use the Live CD t. E. This kind of removable media that contains the operating system and which does not require a download to the hard drive.Usually, Live CD created for the Linux operating system or Unix, and the use of their Windows-based licensing is a violation.In addition, the question of how to put the bios to boot from disk can occur if you reinstall the operating system for debugging of various system malfunctions.

# 4

To get started, log in Bios.To do this, turn on the computer, insert the boot disk into the drive and click to restart the computer.When you see a black screen and it will start to flash different numbers and letters you need to have time to press F2, F11 or the Del key several times in succession.Selection keys depends on the type of motherboard installed in your computer.If you do not want to guess the correct button, you can look closely at the bottom of the screen during start-up, usually at the bottom left is the inscription: «Press del to run setup» or «Press F2 to run setup».Then you can safely press the indicated key is for entering the Bios.

# 5

Now you need to find a date First Boot Device and press «Enter» to select from the expanded CD / DVD drive from the menu.Then, press F10, it allows you to save the changes.In order to confirm your consent to the changes and exit the menu, press the Enter key.If all the steps have been made in the correct sequence, it will lead to restart your computer and start the installation from the boot disk.This step by step guide for AMI BIOS - one of the three main types of BIOS.

# 6

Important: if the actions of a mistake was made, for example, the parameters have been changed, and they can lead to malfunction of the computer, then you need to use the arrows up, down, left, right, go toExit tab (located to the right of the tab Boot) by opening it with the Enter key.In the I go to Load Setup Defaults bar, then again press Enter.You will see the old menus from which you started work in the BIOS.Load Setup Defaults function returns the computer settings to the original, which was at the very beginning when the computer is turned on.

# 7

As in the bios to boot from the disc to put on a laptop - the question is not rhetorical, because in this case the window does not appear the starting run.This is due to the difference in the Quick Start technology.To make the boot from the disk on the laptop you need to follow these instructions.Turn on the laptop while pressing the F2 key.If the F2 key does not fit, you will have to experiment a bit with the keys and find exactly the one that will open the BIOS.When the BIOS window action does not differ from the above.