It is easy to make a transparent background in Photoshop ?

It is easy to make a transparent background in Photoshop ?
You will need:
  • Computer
  • program "Photoshop"
  • Directory Installation
# 1

So, it should be said at once that everything is easy.To perform this task on the computer can be set absolutely any version of Photoshop.The fact that virtually all image processing programs have a tool such as a "magic wand".Of course, it may be referred to in some other way, but in most cases it is.Actually, it was this thing and need for a transparent background.Next steps: You must upload an image for processing.It's all very simple - as in all programs (even for those who do not have anything to do with image processing) you have to press in the upper left corner of the words "File" then "Open" or "Download" (in some versions of Photoshopdifferent labels).

# 2

After that seem small menu, where you specify the picture to be processed and click on it twice.All the picture is.After that, the same tool "Magic Wand" must be selected.Before using Photoshop to make a transparent background, you must, so to speak

, to identify the part that should be transparent.Usually "Magic Wand" is on the left toolbar next to the loop, hand and other key aides in Photoshop.When this tool is selected, simply left click on the background.Thereafter, the white part of the picture as it will stand out on a path dotted lines that can be seen with the naked eye.The color of the image will remain intact.Further, in the Layers panel to press lock on the front of the background 2 times.

# 3

thus will create a new layer.How does it look?Usually the Layers panel located on the left, but in the different versions of things can be different, in any case, at the top of this panel will read "Layers" and in her body loaded image and the background (there is and it is written - "background) will be visible.Now we have to just press ┬źDelete┬╗ on the keyboard and background will be deleted.Actually, this is all that is needed to be done - now it remained transparent instead of ugly white background, which makes it possible to print the image, use it to combine with other images and to carry out further processing.Interestingly, when in any search engine enter the query "how to make a transparent background" or even "how to make a transparent background in Photoshop", you can see a huge number of options for this task without Photoshop.

# 4

The fact is that in many editors, even those that work online, too, have the same "magic wand", and there is also a transparent background can be done.But why it is best to use a full-fledged Photoshop?Many users prefer not to install Photoshop from the relatively expensive licenses and because of the presence of a basic image editor.But the program has some undeniable advantages, among them are: Better quality of the images.The online editors, and in the same Paint.NET or similar programs have one common problem - after processing images are of lower quality.

# 5

so images can be obtained more dim, have a smaller size and that irritates more likely to have a white outline (if you want to take part of a picture and add it to the other, the resulting image will not look natural, becauseone part of it will be different ugly white line around it).Easy installation and individual tasks.For example, before you make the background transparent in Photoshop, just select just one tool, double click on the padlock and press one button - everything is very simple.Full customer support.If you have a license, the Adobe employees solve all problems and answer all questions.The online editor is impossible.