How to build a radio improvised ?

You will need:
  • Winding wire
  • coil
  • Capacitors
  • Spot LED
  • Clips
  • Headphones
# 1

For novice designers or simply in order to take itsfree time, it is useful to learn to make a simple radio.To do this, you must have on hand the necessary details, which you can buy at the store, or pull out of the device is not functioning.This article will be dismantled rather simple scheme that is available to anyone interested, not looking at the professionalism and experience.In fact, how to assemble a radio, no big deal.It is necessary to have on hand winding wire, coil, capacitors, point diode clamps are also needed headphones.

# 2

coil is wound on the wire, about five hundred times, through every eightieth withdrawal must be removed, that is, twist the wire into the shape of a ring.The coil can be used a simple thread.Then scrape insulation on tap

# 3

Start homemade coil is connected to one end of the diode, while the other is attached to the headphones.To a wire that is connected to the d

iode, the antenna is mounted.After that, the wire is attached, which will serve as a ground.The condenser is attached to the coil.

# 4

necessary to understand how a radio works.We must put on the headphones and changing the number of turns per coil, catch the desired station.This is a fairly simple design, so e should not expect a strong reception.Optionally, you can refine this model, it requires a willingness to learn and a lot of patience.

# 5

in providing instructions explain how to make a radio, which is one of the many other variations and models.If this design is successful, you can try to do something more complicated, but it also needs a variety of items.Depending on how complex the radio depends on the design of how to set up the radio.

# 6

If all else fails, you can think about how to select the radio.In today's radio market there are many variations that can catch a lot of radio stations.It is worth paying attention to the band, because the higher it is, the signal will be stronger, and the amount of noise will be minimal.From the parameters of the cost depends on the receiver.You also need to pay attention to the producer, for the assembly of high quality offer well-known companies.If the money is only enough for a utsenёnnuyu model, it is not necessary to be upset.Even the most simple device can be improved with the help of small details and design experience.For this purpose, you can also practice in the creation of a self-made radio, and then look for instructions on how to make the amplifier for the radio.