To enable touchpad on a laptop , turn on the touchpad ?

To enable touchpad on a laptop , turn on the touchpad ?
You will need:
  • Laptop
  • The driver
  • Internet connection (for downloading of the driver, if necessary)
# 1

First you need to find out what the touchpad and hisuse.So, touchpad - a device that allows you to control a computer cursor with your finger or stylus on a special touchpad located below the keyboard, and usually has a square shape.It replaces the computer mouse, and is quite convenient solution, although it is necessary to get used to it.

# 2

To learn how to turn the touchpad on a laptop, it is necessary to view the user's guide.Usually, there are always points to the specific method to enable or disable the touchpad on a particular laptop model.However, there are general rules and concepts that need to know.Modern laptops have a set of additional keys that control the Wi-Fi, screen brightness, and other touchpad.They are located on the keyboard keys (often on functional F1-F12) and marked blue.To enable them, you have to press and hold the Fn button (also painted blue colors)

and click once on the key you want to activate.Thus, you can quickly enable and disable the touchpad on a laptop computer, provided that you have installed all the necessary drivers and software.

# 3

If you need to install them (the driver), then this does not necessarily go into the BIOS (Basic Input / Output System).Mouse in the BIOS does not work, so there is no need to adjust it there.As for the operating system environment, the mouse works here, so to carry out the installation and configuration of the touchpad should be mandatory.Windows and Linux operating system support the device plug-and-play, which allows to work with them without having to install additional software extensions.That is, even installing a new OS, it will automatically detect and install the touchpad driver base for him.However, in order to use the full potential of the device, you need to take care of installing the correct drivers and even other software to configure.Typically, these are already pre-installed in the operating system, or go with your computer (in the case of, if you decide to change the operating systems) on a DVD-ROM or hard disk.If there are not, you have to download them yourself, for what it is necessary to know the developer of the touchpad.Learn it you can in EVEREST free program, as well as a laptop user manual.Thus it will be even better, because software downloaded from the Internet, will be fresher that is preinstalled on a DVD or hard drive.

# 4

If we talk about the environment, MacOS, here the situation is somewhat different.Products for this operating system are available with special drivers and are often specialized (on Mac).But in any case, the installation will also perform as in Windows.To install the software on Microsoft systems, you need to download the necessary components from the official site and start the installer (usually Setup. Exe or Autorun. Exe) and follow the instructions.You can also rely on the installation of the new equipment manager, running it with the Device Manager, double-clicking on the touchpad in the category "Input Devices".Following his instructions, you can download the driver automatically.

# 5

completed all the steps for installing the software, you can configure the touchpad on a laptop.This is necessary in order to determine which features will make the operating system under certain actions of the user.Yes, the basic driver plug-and-play provides only detection field XY to move the cursor and press the right mouse button, a single touch on the touchpad.After installing the software, additional actions may include the following: horizontally and vertically scrolling movement of the finger along the edge of the touchpad; -zooming (zooming in and out) for images by "stretching" the fingers; mapping the sidebar in Windows 8 when the slide (sliding) finger from the edge of the touchpad to the center.Further action depends on the model and the touchpad are described in detail in the attached user manual (print or pdf).