How to make a gif animation with photos ?

You will need:
  • hyphae
  • gif animation
  • photoshop
  • launch of
  • layers
  • frames
# 1

First, consider that all the sameIt is gif.And is it just a graphic image format.Its distinctive features that it has a light range of not more than 256 colors.Initial function gif was broadcast raster images over networks.In the future, this format is improved, and he began to support animation and transparency.At the moment, widely spread in the network.Where virtually any site you can see the images in this format.An interesting fact is that the developers at the beginning of the name uttered gif as "gif".In its further spread throughout the world the way he changed the pronunciation.And to this day the name of the format sounds like "hyphae".

# 2

As mentioned earlier, gif supports animation.And the animated "SIFCO" received a large spread on the Internet.The most popular they are in social networks.Also some advertising banners are made in this format, which allows them to smaller size of the imag

e to show users more information about their services and products.Gif animation is a very simple idea.It's just a set of pictures, which follow each other with a predetermined time interval.Kinda original short video with very low frame rates.However, we must not forget that it's all the same image format, not a video file.GIFCA are cyclical function, ie, completing a series of pictures, they start to lose it again.

# 3

Since this format is very popular on the Internet, many people need to be able to use it.As for the professional activity, or just for fun, and common development.Of course, many are wondering how to make gif animation.It's not as difficult as it seems.It is not required of man, nor any in-depth and specialized knowledge.Modern software can easily help any newcomer.More experienced professionals use for these needs a great photo editor Photoshop.It is very popular among users.Photoshop is suitable for both novice and advanced masters, who with the help of this program are doing just wonders and receive at the same time very good money.

# 4

Of course, it is clear that the more a person has more knowledge in Photoshop, so it is easier to navigate in it and create a beautiful and amazing things.But not all of it really difficult.To begin, open Photoshop and create a new file.Its size should be nine by nine pixels.Please note that all of this is described with the aim of training and this animation is created only for interested people to understand what to do.And then everything will depend on their interest, desire to experiment and be trained.The resulting box is too small, so you should increase it, as close as possible.Next, you might need this work poly with the necessary tools.Open it simple.In the «Window» menu opening «Workspace», and then «Video».

# 5

bottom of the screen a new panel should appear.This is what you need.On this panel, you can see highlighted the first frame.It is easy to guess that this is the file you created earlier.Then you can draw a box in the lower right corner with the "brush" tool.Its size approximately three by three pixels.The next step, copy this layer.Drag and drop it on the icon "create layer".Turning off the old image by clicking on the eye icon in front of it.And in the new drag the square to the other corner.If there is clear space should be using pouring paint them in white.Repeat the previous steps and drag the square to the third corner.On the fourth corner doing everything the same way.four layers of squares should turn each, but at different angles.

# 6

Subsequently, all the work should be done on the animation panel, which has already been turned on and is visible in the bottom of the screen.Push the button «Duplicates selected frames».This must be done three times, so that all four layers are mapped on the panel.Select the first frame and leaves visible only a gentle word in the list of layers.Similarly, it should be repeated with the remaining three.That's all.Animation is ready.If you click on the button «Plays animation» you can see the result.You're just a little polish and to smooth an image.To do this, select the first and the second frame using the Ctrl key.Press the «Tweens» and confirm.Repeat these steps with the staff, two and three, three and four, four and one.

# 7

combining all the shots you need to click on any of them with the timer icon, select the desired interval.For example, 0.1 second.Under the first frame is a footnote that indicates how many repetitions to do.should «Forever» For cycling press.Now gif animation is ready.It remains only a trifle.Save it to your hard drive.In the File menu, click on "Save as" and, in a new window, select the desired format.In this case «gif».Or click on the "Save for Web & Devices" in the same menu.Keyboard shortcuts Ctrl + Shift + Alt + S.You can play with the settings that will improve the quality and image size.Here is the answer to the question "how to make a gif animation."Although if the person does not want to bother.It can be on specialized sites for a minute to make SIFCO.It is necessary to insert the images and set the time interval.