How to treat lower back if blown ?The back -conditioned chill

How to treat lower back if blown ?The back -conditioned chill
You will need:
  • Medication
  • Physiotherapy
  • Treating herbs
  • Lard, camphor oil
  • belt of wool, sea salt
# 1

for coldslumbosacral radiculitis krettsovom person feels pain that spreads to the buttocks, the sciatic nerve of the thigh, outer surface of the ankle.The pain intensifies during slightest body movement, sneezing and coughing, and often radiates to the groin.There is a violation of skin sensitivity, it pales and turns blue, increased sweating, it felt cold in the affected nerve root.Get rid of back pain and sacrum medication, physical therapy and traditional methods;employed and spa treatment.

# 2

If blown back, how to treat prompt advice in this article.Relieves pain and speeds up the process of regeneration of affected nerve roots via intradermal injections, blockades, which procaine (0.5% solution) was injected into the painful area for 20-40 ml.Course - 4-6 blockade.As an anti-inflammatory and analgesic agents are, for example, Analgin, Amidopyrine, B vitamins, Cyanocobalami

n.As dehydrating agents - solutions of glucose and magnesium sulfate, infused intravenously.As biogenic stimulators used liquid extract of Aloe, Torfot, FiBS, Plazmol, Vitreous.And as a means of antiholiesteraznogo - Neostigmine, Nivalin, Galantamika hydrobromide.

# 3

Physiotherapy waist has analgesic, antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory effect, removes the decomposition products of nerve fibers, thus improving the course of reparative processes in a cold nerve roots.Treatment is carried out by electrophoresis with novocaine, diadynamic (currents Bernard), ultrasound, UHF field, irradiation with ultraviolet light, applications of therapeutic mud, paraffin or ozokerite, massage: classical, cupping, honey and Tibetan fire.

# 4

If blown back, then felt a strong pain.Deliverance will come very quickly, if you stand in a basin of cold water, and in the lumbar region to direct steam from the spout of the kettle.Using cold water to warm the blood drive the waist, so she breaks the pain or spasm nerve terminal.After this procedure, you must do self-massage or massage, attracting professional, using massage oils from medicinal plants.The fee includes celandine, wormwood, thyme, St. John's wort, yarrow, mint, calendula, chamomile and pine buds (in equal parts by weight).All pour peach or olive oil, and weary to the "bath" of 6 hours.Then filtered and stored in a dark place.

# 5

treat back pain can be a hot compress.Stir dry mustard (1 tbsp. L.) In warm water that is not too thick.Smeared her linen cloth and applied to the lower back and sacrum.Pre-lubricate the affected area massage oil.Keep the compress until until it is strongly oven.Dry and crushed fruits of horse chestnut sprinkled with black bread, spread with lard and oil of camphor (1: 1).Then applied to the lower back and fix the bandage of linen fabric.Top tied cloth, it would be good to absorb moisture from the bread.It will help to stop the pain the belt of wool, otmochenny in brine of sea salt and sun-dried.It is worn on the body under clothing.Backaches cropped infusion of borage (3a), which steamed with boiling water (1 tbsp.) And insist in the container under the lid 5 hours.then filtered, add the honey and take 1 tbsp.l.every two hours.