How to treat ulcers on the tongue ?Sores on the tongue : treatment

How to treat ulcers on the tongue ?Sores on the tongue : treatment
You will need:
  • consultation with a dermatologist
  • Antiseptic solutions
  • Sea buckthorn oil, kalanchoe juice, oil rosehip
  • antiviral ointments, immunostimulatory drugs
  • Broth kalendury, bark Council, herb sage
  • Brothchamomile, boric acid
# 1

In medicine, painful sores are called "stomatitis".The disease is most often seen in young children, but not least, there are cases where an adult and there is an ulcer on the tongue, than to treat it can tell not only an expert but also this article.Also, in both children and adults, stomatitis occurs due to the same reasons, which include a variety of infections, problems with the digestive and endocrine system, the chronic lack of vitamins belonging to the group B, and of course, mechanical injury, available atsurface of the tongue.

# 2

So, if there was a sore on the tongue, how to treat it yourself at home?The main thing to remember that the sores may appear not only on the surface of the tongue, but also naslizistoy membranes of the mouth,

which is why a person feels pretty mnogonepriyatnyh sensations.Pain occurs immediately after contact with the hot tongue, bitter or acidic foods, besides the sores that are in a language that can silnomeshat talk.Once there were sores on the tongue, an urgent need to seek help from a dermatologist.This must be done in order to eliminate the possible presence of diseases such as herpes or cytomegalovirus infection, which may be subject to a person due to lower immunity.

# 3

is important to remember that it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive treatment to completely remove painful sores on the tongue.Such treatment, in obyazatelnomporyadke should include the use of antiseptic solutions dlyapoloskaniya mouth.Such solutions include hydrogen peroxide, furatsilin, rivanol and a weak solution of potassium permanganate.Adult chelovekuprimenyat such solutions should be every three to four hours.To provestieffektivneo cleansing of the oral cavity, can also be used sea buckthorn oil, juice of Kalanchoe, and of course, rosehip oil.

# 4

important to treat ulcers on the tongue as long as they do not disappear completely, otherwise there is a risk to aggravate an already difficult situation.In order to speed up the healing process chtobyznachitelno painful sores, rekomenduetsyaregulyarno them lubricated with special antiviral ointments.And thanks to the reception of immunostimulatory drugs, will significantly improve health.It can be used for the treatment of stomatitis and special folk remedies that are used as an additional preventive agent.

# 5

significantly alleviate the patient's condition in the presence of painful ulcers on the tongue, help teas made from herbs sage, oak bark, and calendula.To prepare a decoction of chamomile is necessary to take some chamomile tea bags bought at the pharmacy, and pour exactly one cup of boiling water, followed by infusion at a time left to have a good present.Then, the finished solution is added boric acid (four grams) and the mixture was filtered.Once the drug solution will be fully prepared, it should be used for rinsing the oral cavity once every three to four hours.

# 6

also very effective means of following - taken crushed root cinquefoil (exactly one teaspoon.), And then poured exactly one cup of boiling water and left for exactly five hours to remedy could well be insisted.after this time, the broth will have to be put on the stove and boil.Once the broth has cooled slightly, this tool must be three to four times per day to carry out rinsing mouth.