How to remove an asterisk on his feet ?

How to remove an asterisk on his feet ?
You will need:
  • Sour, rubbing alcohol
  • flower heads and leaves of Artemisia
  • Flowers acacia seeds Datura
  • Green tomatoes
# 1

To removeunsightly spider veins, it is recommended to use the following means - tincture made from datura seeds.To do it, you will need to take the ripe seeds of Datura (seeds should be black) and pour a 40-percent alcohol (500 ml).Then the alcohol mixture is left exactly two weeks in a dark place, and each time it is necessary to shake.Once the medicine is ready to accept it is necessary to five drops, diluted in a glass of water - drinking means should be exactly half an hour before a meal (once a day), with daily infusion dose is increased by exactly five drops (maximum -25 drops of tincture to a glass of water).A full course of treatment takes exactly one month to the same, this technique will help you easily remove varicose veins.

# 2

Get rid of unsightly spider veins and helps alcoholate derived from flowers acacia.For the preparation of the drug will ne

ed to take exactly four table.spoon acacia flowers, and then pour 100 ml of alcohol of 70 per cent.This infusion should be left exactly one week, and after this time, the medicine will be fine to filter must be using a fine sieve or a clean gauze, folded in several layers.To remove spider veins with the help of this tool, you need to rub the problem areas as long as they do not completely disappear.

# 3

very effective to solve the problem compresses, which are made from wormwood, which promotes complete resorption of spider veins.Thus, in this case exactly one table is taken.spoon of fresh tarragon leaves and thoroughly pulverized in a mortar, then add flower heads of wormwood - the result should get a lot of mushy consistency.Then the mixture is added to yogurt (exactly one table. Spoon) and the resulting mixture is applied to the problem areas, and then the top is secured with the help of a compress bandage.If such a procedure is repeated twice a day for three to four days, will take place very soon completely varicose veins.If necessary, a week later it will be possible to hold another course of treatment.

# 4

Remove spider veins and help ordinary green tomatoes.In the event that it was decided to use this method, you must remember that should be used only green tomatoes, as they include in its membership a unique acid, which has medicinal properties for the treatment of spider veins.So, come from green tomatoes and cut into two halves, if desired, can be cut into thin slices of tomatoes.Then tomatoes are applied to the problem areas, and fixed with a bandage.After about three minutes of wrap is removed - it is not recommended to keep a compress longer than the specified time, as there is a risk to get severe burns.After this procedure, the skin, apply a moisturizer - a full course includes 10 flat-out procedures.