How to get rid of malaria on the lips ;Malaria on the lips

How to get rid of malaria on the lips ;Malaria on the lips
You will need:
  • aloe
  • garlic
  • fir oil
  • cotton swab
# 1

This unpleasant phenomenon as malaria on the lips, once in your life, but there areeveryone has it.It looks such a picture is not attractive, and, in addition, malaria brings pain and discomfort.Her appearance contributes to the fact that there is a decrease in the body functions of the body that are responsible for resistance to various colds.Furthermore, this phenomenon may happen after subcooling, and as a result hypovitaminosis., You can resort to traditional medicine, which has a lot of recipes for malaria To resolve this issue.Malaria Treatment should be already in the moment when they begin to manifest its symptoms.At this time, it appears itching and slight burning sensation.In this case, you should use the pine oil.They need to lubricate the place where the cold should appear.To conduct this activity is necessary every two hours.Before going to bed should also lubricate the oil center.Not always, but often, malaria does not

occur after such a procedure.

# 2

Folk medicine recommends for the treatment of herpes use branches of raspberry.It contains special substances that contribute to the fact that the viruses that cause the common cold expression, begin to decline.To use this tool, you need to cut a twig and rinse it thoroughly.After a two-centimetric segments should be cut.Before use, you need to chew pieces of twigs to make a slurry state, and a means to a place of manifestation of herpes.For a long time for treatment, as well as the first signs of symptoms of herpes, use earwax.She copes quickly and helps to eliminate pours cold.To use this method, you need to remove the sulfur from the ears.To do this, take a cotton swab and use it to remove a piece of sulfur.The same swab or a finger, should be a good tool to rub the sore spot.Usually, missing 5 procedures to from such eruptions, like herpes, not a trace remained.

# 3

Such means, like garlic, is the most reliable assistant in the treatment of colds and malaria, is no exception.In that case, if the herpes have appeared on his lips, should be cut garlic clove and rub them constantly sore spot.Every time you want to use freshly cut garlic.It can also be used for lubrication of cold juice and garlic, which should also be squeezed out every time before use.After using garlic to lubricate sore spot composition of honey and apple cider vinegar.These ingredients are mixed in equal amounts.To conduct such an event should be three times a day, including before going to bed.It is also possible to apply and various ointments and creams that are in a large range is available in each drugstore.They all contribute to the rapid get rid of malaria.Using them is quite simple.It is necessary to squeeze a little money and lubricate them inflammation, a thin layer.

# 4

also a tool you can use when starting malaria as a "star".They should grind a place where going to make or have already made malaria.At the beginning of manifestation, the tool has a beneficial effect, and sometimes not even a cold acts.It is also effective in the treatment of the common cold is speaking aloe.Cut a leaf plants, it should be cleaned with water and cut into small pieces.Then, squeeze the juice from the pieces, you need to grease cold this tool.On the day you need to carry out this procedure several times, the more the better.Also aloe juice helps in the prevention of occurrence of herpes.It is recommended to drink before eating a spoonful of juice.Those who can not drink the juice because it is too bitter, can dilute it with honey.Early treatment of this unpleasant phenomenon as speaking or manifested, herpes, promotes speedy recovery and avoidance of unpleasant sensations that occur when it occurs.