How to prepare an ointment from celandine : step by step instructions

How to prepare an ointment from celandine : step by step instructions
You will need:
  • grass celandine
  • baby cream
  • carbolic acid
# 1

Such plants as celandine, has been widely used and spread of skin diseases.The plant used in the form of infusions, tinctures, it is made into trays, enemas, and ointments.Prepare an ointment that can solve many of the problems with the skin, can be independently and fairly easy.First of all, deciding on how to prepare an ointment from celandine, should know that great importance is the period in which the grass is going.It is best to collect the grass in May-June, and the weather at the same time should be sunny.Also recommended only collect the plants that are in the shade, because they have more useful features.

# 2

Further, for the preparation of ointments, should either be dried plant, and then make a powder or squeeze the juice from the stems and leaves of the plant.After preparing the ointment is very convenient to use as it applies ointment prepared on their own as easily as how to apply ointment Vishnevsky.The mi

xed powder or juice should be mixed with a fatty basis to get the consistency of cream.To do this, use a simple children's cream.The process of applying the cream will not be presented as a complex.For those who know how to apply tetracycline ointment will be no problems.

# 3

When adding dry powder celandine, should take into account the proportion of cream 1: 2, and if the juice is used, then 1: 4.After mixing with the cream celandine juice or powder, can be added 0.25 percent carbolic acid.It is necessary to provide a long-term storage ointment.Cooked ointment can be applied to various areas of the body, including to solve the problem about how to smear eye ointment, because it copes with many skin diseases.Also, the use of celandine great help with the appearance of warts on the body, eczema, and other growths on the skin.

# 4

Use ointment should also understand how to use zinc ointment.A small layer of ointment applied to the skin which requires treatment.This should be up to 5 times a day.The duration of the ointment using the procedures should not exceed one month, after which a break is done.Attention is also drawn to the fact that use of celandine based ointment is only in the event that there is no contraindications to the use of this plant.