How to prepare a decoction of oats : benefits and contraindications

How to prepare a decoction of oats : benefits and contraindications
You will need:
  • grains oats
  • Boiled water
  • enamel pot
  • Blender
# 1

Oats not only improves the metabolism in the human body, but also helps to eliminatetherefrom pollutants and toxins.Given the state of modern ecology and how citizens are fed, this product is simply indispensable for every human being.And the fair sex oats is not only famous for its healing, but also and cosmetic properties.It helps to improve the condition of hair and skin, as well as strengthen the nails.The most convenient way to take the oats into a broth.How to prepare a decoction of oats, covered later.

# 2

Broth oats keeps a lot of secrets of a healthy, beautiful and long life that is not figured out until the end, even the modern physicians.And in his time Hippocrates, the famous physician and philosopher, advised all people to drink the drink instead of the usual tea and especially alcohol.To prepare a decoction of oats can be a variety of ways.The choice of the method and prescription depends on the particu

lar purpose, which man wants to achieve by eating a drink.By the way, when brewed oats preserves the maximum amount of useful and medicinal substances.

# 3

So, how to cook the oats right?Broth from oats may be prepared by the addition of water, milk or honey.And, moreover, it can not only nastavat in a water bath, but also in the oven or in the thermos.Each person can choose yourself the recipe and method of preparation depending on taste preferences and capabilities.The simplest recipe - it's sugar and 1 tablespoon of crushed oats with warm boiled water (you will need 1.5-2 cups of water).Oats in water should be left overnight at room temperature.How to cook the oats on?In the morning it is necessary to boil over medium heat for 7-10 minutes, then drain thoroughly with gauze, folded in several layers and cool slightly.Ready broth can be drunk as a tea for 20 minutes before eating.

# 4

There is another proven way to prepare a decoction of oats.However, it is more complex and lengthy.To do this, you need to take two cups of whole oat grains (cereal from the supermarket and the usual oatmeal is not suitable for the broth) and pour them a glass of cold water.You can grow oats in your garden.How to sow the oats, it is possible to learn from the experts.In an enamel bowl of grain should be left to swell for about 12 hours.When this period has elapsed and the grains swell, in a pot need to refill the water tank so that it is completely covered oats.But at the same pour too much water is not necessary.

# 5

After that pot of oats is placed on the fire.Incidentally, this second method explains how to brew oats for the liver properly.It is he who is most suitable for people with diseases of the body.Cover the pan with a lid, it should be left for about 1.5-2 hours on low heat.When the water begins to boil, it is necessary to constantly refill.Oats in the finished broth should be crushed blender until smooth.