How to wash the sulfuric cork as rinse the ear of cerumen ?

How to wash the sulfuric cork as rinse the ear of cerumen ?
You will need:
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Water
  • Medicines
# 1

human ear on the nature is arranged in such a way that the wax has to go outside in a natural way - during chewing, talking, jaw movements.However, in some cases, sulfur is accumulated in the ear canal, and forms a tight plug that causes hearing loss, physical discomfort, headache.The best way out of this situation - to see a doctor the otolaryngologist, who with the help of special tools extract plug their ears.However, if the visit to the doctor is delayed due to various circumstances, it is advisable to learn how to wash the ear of cerumen at home.

# 2

One of the most popular folk remedies to wash the ears - hydrogen peroxide.It is recommended to lie on your side, so that the ear was positioned horizontally, and pour into the ear canal solution of hydrogen peroxide.We must maintain this position of the body a few minutes, and then put in the ear a piece of cotton wool.Repeat the procedure with the other ear.However, it should

be noted that the tube will not come out of his "refuge" at the first washing procedure.Most likely, you have to repeat the manipulation several times a day for 3-5 days.

# 3

Some lucky people are not even aware of the presence of cork, until one day, was surprised to find it does not have a self-extracting while swimming, for example.In humid environments, the dense structure of this education is softened, and cork safely out of the ear canal.You can also rinse the sulfuric plug in the shower, simply by sending a stream of water into the ear.It is important to be careful - do not include the water too much, not to inadvertently damage the eardrum.

# 4

get rid of traffic jams will also help effective ear cleaning with special pharmaceutical products for the hygiene of the auditory meatus.Drops of the "A-cerumen" or "Remo-wax" are intended for these purposes.Take drugs instilled in the ear, and a special composition allows to dissolve the plug and get it out of your ear.These droplets are almost no contraindications, are useful for treating congestion in children, pregnant women.To prevent the formation of traffic jams can also occasionally enjoy the drops.

# 5

Note that cerumen impaction should be treated to be treated - in any case it is impossible to try to remove it by using cotton swabs, toothpicks and other hard objects.It is highly probable that such manipulations via a further tube will push to the eardrum, which can lead to rupture.It is also worth noting that the most secure method to eliminate the problem - a visit to the doctor.After all, there is a possibility that the physical discomfort in the ear caused by not plug, and other causes that require immediate medical attention.