How to remove the crust on the head as to remove the crust from the head of the child ?

How to remove the crust on the head as to remove the crust from the head of the child ?
You will need:
  • Oil vaseline
  • brush with soft bristles
# 1

Almost every grudnichka in the first 3-4 months of life, a characteristic stable plaque appears on the head, which is stillcalled "cap lullaby", "parietal crust", etc.These flakes are harmless and do not cause discomfort to the kid.

# 2

However, the question of how to remove the crust from the baby's head worries many parents, because these flakes have an unpleasant yellowish hue and look unaesthetic.It is also worth considering that the crust will disappear on their own soon, perhaps in a child at this point will be a thick head of hair, and dry deciduous scales will resemble dandruff.

# 3

Doctors still have not reached a consensus about the causes of these scales on the babies head.Some pediatricians believe that the scales appear as a result of an allergy to the protein of mother's milk, others refer to the unstable hormones nursing mothers.There is also a third option - increased greasiness of the scalp.

# 4

In any case, the process of purification of the sensitive surface of the baby's body should be approached with the utmost responsibility.Remove the crust should be timely, otherwise it dries and then it can be removed only with the hair fuzz appeared.A baby's skin at this age is very sensitive to any damage, so skin cleaning should be carried out by means of delicate.

# 5

impossible to scrape off the scales with fingernails or hard objects.Besides the fact that this method can add to the body the infection, the child will feel unpleasant pain.In order not to spoil the nervous system and the health of your own child, you must first prepare the scalp - to soften the crust.To do this, apply Vaseline on the scalp or any other baby oil with a cotton swab.

# 6

Put the cap on the baby's head and leave for several hours.Cork under the influence of warm fat composition will become more elastic and soft.Softening of the crust must be removed using a brush with soft bristles - suitable even ordinary toothbrush appropriate stiffness.The procedure should be carried out carefully, the movement should be light and soft to the crumb does not feel pain.The brush should be moved in the direction of hair growth.

# 7

No need to force scrub away this layer, so as not to accidentally scratch the skin.If this should happen, it is necessary to handle the damaged area with hydrogen peroxide and lubricate iodine.If not all managed to remove the scales from the first time, the procedure must be repeated, but this should be done not earlier than 3-4 days after the previous one.This time is necessary to inflammation of the skin has passed.Even if the manipulation of the product have been carefully minor damage delicate skin is still there, so immediately vulnerable area is not recommended to annoy again.

# 8

After each cleansing crust, baby's head need to wash baby shampoo.In order to prevent further formation of unwanted flakes should carefully choose hypoallergenic means for skin care grudnichka head.If the hair on the head yet, it is not necessary to wash the skin shampoo, simply rinse with warm water while bathing.Also not recommended for adult shampoo to wash the baby's head.