How to get rid of bumps on his arm ?

How to get rid of bumps on his arm ?
You will need:
  • surgeon
  • alcohol
  • Copper Coin
  • Lavender oil
  • bandage
# 1

various tumors in her arms - bumps, blisters, talc can deliver moralor physical restlessness cheloveku.Shishka on ruke- fairly common phenomenon caused by the appearance of a benign tumor in the wrist.The medical name for this tumor - hygroma, folk -zhirovik.However, in some cases, hygroma may cause some discomfort - discomfort, and sometimes painful sensations, partial loss of joint mobility etc.Before you get rid of bumps, it is necessary to consult specialists - a surgeon, dermatologist or traumatologist.These experts will establish an accurate diagnosis and arrange appropriate treatment.Do not self-medicate, it is fraught with health problems.

# 2

Most often bump on the hand is removed surgically, but in some cases, it can be "dissolved" with the help of the popular methods.Hygroma, in fact, is a cyst - under the skin is a capsule, synovial fluid accumulates.During the operation of Wen suck liquid, capsule

and sutured tight seam.Sometimes the tank just crushed, and the accumulated liquid flows into the joint cavity.However, the latest technology is imperfect removal of cones - a high probability of occurrence of the inflammatory process, and after a while, hygroma may reappear.

# 3

Traditional medicine offers a variety of ways to remove Wen naturally.It is recommended to make compresses with lavender oil, alcoholic solutions, tincture of calendula and aloe juice or golden mustache.Lotions do at night, and the hand wrapped with polyethylene which prevents the evaporation of the liquid.It is noted that such procedures should be scheduled for a long period.It is also believed that getting rid of hygroma help bath procedures - you need to steam out problem areas and stretch cone.Another common method - attachment to the cone of warm copper coins.A metallic article to be heated - to dip into the hot salt solution to fix the bandage on his wrist.

# 4

Another reason for the appearance of bumps on the arm can be corn.In advanced cases, when problem areas subjected to systematic friction and is not processed by special trains, the skin thickens and coarsens.Causes the appearance of blisters can long work with your hands or tools without gloves or other protection.It is important to prevent skin roughness.It is recommended at the first signs of rubbing applied to the skin moisturizer, as well as to periodically iodine grid.If avoiding thickening of the stratum corneum is not possible, should be used soda baths.The warm water is necessary to dissolve a bit of baking soda and put there hands for 20-30 minutes.When the skin is softened, the problem areas should be carefully handle pumice.You can also do warm compresses with camphor or mineral oil and massage the toes.