How to treat plugs in your ears ?

How to treat plugs in your ears ?
You will need:
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Vaseline
  • Camphor oil
# 1

Ear person is arranged in such a way that natural selection in the form of earwax displayed in a natural way - inchewing, talking, and other movements of the jaws, while taking water treatments, as well as peel yourself when dry.This is facilitated by tiny hairs in the ear canal, which do not allow the sulfur to become a dense layer.However, in some cases the excessive viscosity of sulfur or its copious that causes hearing loss.As a result, this substance accumulates in the organs of hearing and form plugs in their ears.The causes of traffic jams can be ENT diseases, the genetic characteristics of the ear canal structure, failure to comply with the necessary hygiene or improper ear cleaning, use earplugs or hearing aid.If a person has been hearing loss, the most common cause of this process are the plugs in their ears.Treatment may be medication, using pharmaceutical preparations or by popular methods.

# 2

worth noting that cerumen impaction can not influence the hearing, if it is of small size and does not fill the ear canal completely.A man may accidentally find this dense structure, when it is already samoizvleklas of the ear canal while taking a bath, for example.However, in most cases, cork has an effect, causing a feeling of fullness in the ear, the appearance of noise.Treat plugs in your ears better supervised by a professional, but if this is not possible, then we can get rid of this scourge alone.There are effective folk remedies.For example, it is recommended to systematically instilled in the ear by a few drops of a mixture of vegetable oils, vaseline, hydrogen peroxide.This composition should be warm and the fresh,.It is necessary to keep the mixture in the ear at least 10-15 minutes.Repeat procedure should be several times a day, until the plug is not completely softened and does not come out.

# 3

excellent softening effect on the cerumen has camphor oil mixed with crushed garlic.These components must be mixed in equal parts and slightly warm composition.Make a gauze or cotton flagellum, moisten in the solution and placed in the ear canal.Hold until you see a sense of light burning in the ear.Remove the flagellum and rinse the ear with warm boiled water using the syringe, directing spray directly into the ear until the plug is not "evacuated".Small plugs can be removed with the help of the pharmacy solution of hydrogen peroxide.It is necessary to dilute it with water at a ratio of 1: 1 and drip into the pipette ear lying on the horizontal surface side.Hold peroxide in the ear for 10-15 minutes, then repeat the process on the other ear, turned to the opposite side.During sulfur peroxide interaction will hear the characteristic hiss.

# 4

Another effective folk remedy - a mixture of baking soda with water and glycerine ointment.It is necessary to make a paste of the ingredients and fill it auditory meatus.Do it carefully, preferably their own little finger, so as not to push the plug closer to the eardrum.Keep vehicle in the ear for 15-20 minutes.Then rinse with warm water channel.Repeat the procedure for several days, until the cork does not change its structure and does not crumble.In this case, a sulfur released from the ear during the next wash.It's worth noting that this method is effective when repeated many times.Cork will gradually soften.

# 5

It is also possible to dissolve the plug in the ear with the help of special pharmaceuticals for effective cleansing ear canal.One of the most popular products is the "Remo-wax" - these drops are safe for health and do not have contraindications.Such actions have a drop and "A-cerumen", are sold in pharmacies.These tools will not only help get rid of traffic jams effectively and painlessly, but can also be used to prevent their occurrence and for general hygiene ear cavity.Keep in mind that to get rid of ear plugs with the help of cotton swabs, toothpicks and other hard items will not work.Moreover, the plug will push even further into the ear canal, which can cause perforation of the eardrum!In advanced cases, when the plug is too tight and can not be ejected by using gentle methods, please refer to the otolaryngologist doctor who will make the extraction of the structure professionally, using special medical instruments.