How to cook a hot smoked sturgeon ?

How to cook a hot smoked sturgeon ?
You will need:
  • Fresh sturgeon
  • Liquid smoke
  • Sol
  • Dry white wine
  • Baking with lattice
  • Oven
# 1

sturgeon meat is especially appreciatedfor its extraordinary taste.In addition, a large number of fish are present composition vitamins and minerals, as well as whole complexes of essential amino acids humans.You can surprise your guests by submitting stewed, fried or baked fish.But a special ornament of a celebratory table will be hot smoked sturgeon at home.Bole so that the process will not take much time and effort from the owner.

# 2

highlight of any holiday table will be the smoked fish.Therefore, every responsible owner it is important to know how to cook sturgeon.The first step will be a campaign to market or to the supermarket.It must be borne in mind that the better to buy fresh fish, as the frozen product loses many useful properties.Then the house must be separated from the ridge of the fillet.To do this, divide the sturgeon into two halves by making an incision along the

dorsal fin.After that, the fish need a good rinse with cold running water and salt.Salt should be taken of the proportion of 1 teaspoon 1 kg sturgeon.Next prepared product should be left on the table for the night.

# 3

In the morning, when the well-salted fillet is ready, the question arises, how to cook sturgeon on.After all this work the hot smoked fish is almost ready.Then you just need to connect the two halves of the sturgeon so that it has acquired its original appearance.After the fish should be lightly sprinkled with liquid smoke.It is very important to distribute it all over the carcass and do not overdo it.After that we can carry out thermal processing of fish, but many housewives recommend to put it in the refrigerator for another day.This is to ensure that the smoked flavor was more vivid.

# 4

The next day you can start the cooking process itself fish.Many people know how to bake sturgeon, but not everybody knows how to do it correctly for hot smoked in the home.Therefore, should first prepare the pan with grid.Next you need to prepare the filling.To do this, take a small amount of water, add it to taste the salt, teaspoon of liquid smoke.To get the best flavor, you can pour into the mixture a little dry white wine.The resulting need to fill pour in the pan

# 5

To cook the fish hot smoking does not necessarily know how to pickle sturgeon.Therefore prepared salted fillets you just need to put on the grill, which must lie on a baking sheet.It is important that the fish does not touch the liquid below the grid, enough to fill only sheltered bottom of the dish.After a couple of brine and will prepare sturgeon.At the final stage of baking the fish is placed in the oven.There sturgeon cooked at a temperature of about 80 ° C for two hours.

# 6

product to remain fresh for a long time, it should be wrapped in foil and put into the refrigerator.Guests can please almost any dish from this fish.Therefore, we can how to cook shashlik from sturgeon, and bake it in the oven.The fact that this fish has long been considered an exquisite treat, but today it became known that it is not only delicious, but also easily digestible food.In our days we began to grow sturgeon in captivity, so the appearance of it on the table for a long time is not uncommon.And cooked smoked fish will be a real decoration of any holiday table.