As stuffed pasta : unusual recipes

As stuffed pasta : unusual recipes
You will need:
  • Macaroni cannelloni
  • Garlic, onions, basil, tomatoes
  • tomato paste, salt, pepper
  • Cooking oil, minced
  • Greens
# 1

Selection of pasta.In cooking, there are many dishes with pasta, but are considered to be the most delicious stuffed pasta, especially since everyone can prepare them.Stuff the pasta pretty easy and fast.But the main thing in this to choose suitable pasta, because this dish will suit not all.The ideal pasta for cannelloni stuffing is, they are made in the form dlinnh tubes can also take manikotti that are large shells.So before you stuff the pasta should be to take care of their purchase because they are not sold in every store.

# 2

Sauce.will need to prepare a sauce for pasta stuffed.This will require the oil to pour into the pan and throw in garlic and onions, to be pre-cut into small pieces.When they are browned to them must be added the tomatoes, and diced 5 tablespoons of tomato paste.So how to cook macaroni and cheese can do without tomato paste and

spices, it is not each family they have in stock, so for cooking stuffed have to be reserved in advance all the ingredients.After the paste melts in the pan should add black pepper, basil, dill, nutmeg and salt.All you need to move and cover, all you need to fry a quarter of an hour on low heat.

# 3

filling.So, how to make homemade pasta special is not working, then stuffed the situation is different.For them, you need to cook the stuffing, as a rule, it is made from minced meat, but it can be replaced, and any other, even vegetables.It is necessary to pour oil into the pan and put it to the stuffing, which should fry over high heat.When the meat is ready, you will pour the sauce and mix thoroughly all into it.Since cook pasta for fishing to speed, in this case it is better to give up stuffed, because it takes a lot of time.

# 4

Cooking pasta.Once the filling is ready, it will be possible to start cooking pasta.This will require to take a large pot, pour water into it, and as soon as it comes to a boil, salt the need to throw it, and pasta.Boil them do not need more than 10 minutes, and during this time it will be possible to think about how to cook pasta with mushrooms, to diversify your diet.After this time, you need to try the pasta, and if they are ready, it is necessary to drain the water, let them slug to cool, then put them on a plate and zafarshirovat dressing.After that they can bring to the table previously sprinkled with herbs.Stuffed pasta - this is a very tasty dish, try it again, it will be a frequent guest at the table.