How to bake the bacon in the oven ?Breast baked in the oven

How to bake the bacon in the oven ?Breast baked in the oven
You will need:
  • Belly pork
  • Spices
  • Garlic
  • Sol
  • Knife
  • Foil
# 1

Many housewives are trying to cook healthy dishes from meat, which replaceat the family table as harmful sausage products.The best choice is the preparation of pork lean meat or juicy, greasy bacon.Pork is rich in complete proteins, and its amino acid lysine helps in the process of bone formation and cell renewal.Magnesium and zinc contained in the pig meat, a positive effect on blood vessels and the heart of man, improving their work.Breast baked in the oven - a great alternative to store-bought sausages, because it has excellent taste - it eat both hot and cold.

# 2

Breast - a flat piece of pork, striped with streaks of fat - you can buy a square or rectangular shape, depending on the recipe, which has been selected.Too lean brisket is not suitable for baking - you need to choose the stratum of young pork meat about 6-7 centimeters thick.It is best to pre-marinate before cooking bacon - it absorbs the aroma of spic

es and is juicy and delicious.Breast baked - a dish that requires little effort: the formation of meat rub with salt, spices and shifts it to the cutting board skin side down.Take peeled garlic and cut each slice into two parts.To the meat had a brighter and more festive look, in addition to garlic can be lard in small cubes of carrots - cut bacon will then look very beautiful.

# 3

With a sharp knife to do piercings across the width of brisket and push to get a slice of garlic - this procedure is best done in a staggered manner, to pork roasting evenly impregnated with spices and garlic.Now you need a layer of bacon wrapped in two layers of heavy foil and send it to marinate cold - if there is time, it is recommended to hold it on a cold day.When the meat is prepared, it is best to bake the bacon in the oven - here it will take time.In the first 15 minutes the oven is heated to a temperature of 200 degrees, and then the fire decreases to the minimum - brisket must languish in the foil about 2.5 hours - the meat will not be much to lose their fat as a result of the dish will turn out quite juicy.After the time is up, do not need to immediately get hot bacon from the oven - let it cool down there.When the meat after roasting is in the oven, the cooling process is slow - the meat does not lose all its flavor and juiciness.

# 4

There are many recipes for baked bacon: it is possible to stuff a variety of ingredients, and use many ingredients for marinating.If the holiday was decided to make a sharp meat, the bacon can be pre-mustard rub, and then put in the refrigerator for a couple of days - and softens the meat is very tender.Belly of pork will be more original if, instead of the usual mustard use French, which is sold in the grains.Jar of homemade spicy adzhika will cook an amazing brisket with a unique flavor and original taste sweet.Bake brisket can be in the hole or in foil - so it will have a more intense flavor from adzhika.Do not forget that it should be pre-marinated: salts of the marinade is not required, because adjika in itself sharp and salty.Bacon carefully rub all sides adzhika, put on the foil and tightly wrapped - now it is in the cold all night.after which it was baked as described above.

# 5

Have a wonderful marinade for bacon, which has gained popularity among housewives - it is the basis of soy sauce.For the marinade will also need a red and black pepper, nutmeg, a little salt, bay leaf, coriander.Of these components is a mixture, and rub that grudinku.Svinina - Useful meat, which gives a lot of energy and effort - baked brisket will be an excellent substitute for harmful sausage.