How to cook fish " sole " : a step by step preparation of dishes

How to cook fish
You will need:
  • Sole
  • Cutting board
  • Sol
  • Spices
# 1

On the shelves of supermarkets can often find fish called "European Sole", but fewwho knows about this delicious product.In appearance it resembles flounder, but the store can be purchased as a whole or in the form of fillets.The second name of the fish - sole, and recently this delicate fish is gaining popularity among domestic consumers, as it has a great taste and soft muscle tissue.Sole has almost no bone, fillet it is very useful for the preparation of delicious dishes.Buyer is to pay attention to the fact that instead of salts dishonest seller may sell cheap pangasius - fish fillet the two look very similar.But Pangasius has more fat tissue, and does not have the dainty taste, which is appreciated for sole.

# 2

How to cook a sole family to enjoy the gentle fish?In European cuisine, this product plays an important role, so the recipes of fish can be found for every taste.Sole cooked in different ways, depending on the size of

the carcass, if the fish is large, it is cut into portions, and then fried, boiled or stewed with vegetables.Small and medium sized fish can be baked whole or boil for a couple - a delicate flavor and aroma of this dietary dishes will satisfy those who want to lose weight.In each country, the language of the sea prepared in accordance with national traditions and taste preferences.Italians prepare fish with white wine marsala, and in England it is fried in butter and drink with fries.In the Spanish kitchen carcass fried and served with spicy almond sauce, olive oil, tomatoes, garlic, sweet pepper and hot chili.The French prefer to enjoy the delicacy of fish, cooked with the addition of vermouth.

# 3

How to prepare sole, so that the fish retains all the beneficial properties?This fish has a balanced set of useful components, necessary to man.This digestible proteins - builders muscle tissue and new cell valuable amino acids, linoleic and arachidonic essential fatty acids.The acid taurine, which is found in marine language, is a kind of a pressure regulator, so its beneficial effect for hypertensive patients is invaluable.The group of vitamins and minerals sea tongue affects a broad spectrum of fluorine, iron, iodine, copper, zinc, phosphorus and magnesium - it is not the entire list of useful substances contained in the fish.Vitamins A and D, E and B complex make this delicacy fish valuable assistant to enhance human health and maintain an optimal weight.

# 4

How to cook fish sole for dinner?There are several variants of simple dishes that can be cooked quickly at lunch or dinner.If the store has been bought ready fillets, it is possible to prepare the marine language, baked under vegetable pillow.This dish does not require much time and is a great choice to feed children and adults.Fillets should be well washed, cut into portions and mix with the spices that best accentuate the taste of fish: it marjoram, rosemary, lemon juice, black pepper, basil, nutmeg.Since fish has a delicate taste and subtle aroma, it is not recommended to add hot spices, such as garlic and onions, because they drown elegance dishes.Fillets can be poured lemon juice - the fish will be more fragrant.for roasting vegetables can be taken according to the season: summer, an excellent choice would be sweet pepper, cauliflower, tomatoes, zucchini.In winter you can bake the fish with potatoes, carrots, frozen vegetables - here you can experiment with ingredients.

# 5

Recipes maritime language amaze even the skillful chefs in its diversity.Sole - a frequent visitor in the national cuisine of the peoples of the world.Thailand is very popular fish curry from the sea of ​​language.For this dish you need to prepare the curry paste, which was composed of the following components: half onion, a couple of chili pepper, a clove of garlic, green onion, green coriander and its root, lemon peel, white part of the stem of lemon grass, cumin, oil and salt.Chile must be cut in half and remove the seeds from them.All components are cut into small pieces and ground in a blender.In the grinding process are added spices, salt and vegetable oil - should get a homogeneous paste consistency.Preheat a frying pan to boil vegetable oil, to add curry paste and stew a few minutes.Fish fillet cut into small slices and recover the pan for pasta - stewed dish without a lid for 15 minutes.Serve the fish on a broad plate, pre sprinkle it with coriander.Fish - a valuable food product, so the sole is a favorite gourmet meal for your family.